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【OROS】Citrus Sister 纯天然植物油切 柑橘妹妹

【OROS】Citrus Sister 纯天然植物油切 柑橘妹妹
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【OROS】Citrus Sister 纯天然植物油切 柑橘妹妹

Citrus Sister is a product that can actual avoid fats from food to being absorb by body, it is also a very good reactor that help the stool elimination and promotes healthier intestine. Do you know that Citrus Fat Blocker is actually founded in Taiwan? The ingredients that we chose to produce this wonderful supplement are quality! Unlike other fibre product out there, Citrus Fat Blocker does not cause any diarrhea after you consume it.

Product Features:

  • Eliminate excess oil and fats in body

  • Prevent body from absorbing excess fats

  • Enhance digest system

  • Reduce constipation

  • Readjust body shape


  • Bitter orange: Canadian patents. Reduce fat absorption and boost metabolism, burn fat

  • Aloe Vera: European Patent. Solve constipation problem and help expel toxins

  • Guarana: Brazil national treasure. Accelerate the decomposition of fat, heat

  • Minerals Magnesium: marine extracts.

  • Nutritional supplements, Malt: rich in dietary fiber. Help in digestion



柑橘妹妹是植物提取天然的健康食品,所以吃完不会像其他某类产品一样拉肚 。饭前吃下它,大鱼大肉也不怕*!维持好身材,胖人瘦人都可以吃。没有任何副作用!吃后肚子有时会咕噜咕噜的,增加上厕所的次数,帮助順理肠胃,排出身体多余的油脂,将油脂包裹住通过便便的形式排出体外。宿便也能排哦!连馊水油都能完完全全排除体外!



【OROS】Citrus Sister 纯天然植物油切 柑橘妹妹 【OROS】Citrus Sister 纯天然植物油切 柑橘妹妹 【OROS】Citrus Sister 纯天然植物油切 柑橘妹妹 【OROS】Citrus Sister 纯天然植物油切 柑橘妹妹 【OROS】Citrus Sister 纯天然植物油切 柑橘妹妹 【OROS】Citrus Sister 纯天然植物油切 柑橘妹妹 【OROS】Citrus Sister 纯天然植物油切 柑橘妹妹
【OROS】Citrus Sister 纯天然植物油切 柑橘妹妹
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