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【Maxclinic】Cirmage Lifting Sticks 紧致提拉美容精华棒

【Maxclinic】Cirmage Lifting Sticks 紧致提拉美容精华棒
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Product Information

【Maxclinic】Cirmage Lifting Sticks 紧致提拉美容精华棒

Contains collagen and peptide properties, leaving skin luminous and supple.

Gua Sha meridian massage effect and skin's blood circulation- enhancing effect.

Each application with a gently pressing touch helps smooth out the appearance of swollen skin.

Contains oil properties rich in nutrients, and helps with hydration and nutrient treatment.

With vitamin properties, skin looks cleaner and brighter.

Max Clinic, the brand that created Royal Caviar Oil Foams, is back with a second product that will hope to further defy the problems of aging. This stick is what is known as the Max Clinic Cirmage Lifting Stick. It is praised for its properties to reduce facial wrinkles, massage the face area, tighten your skin, enhance elasticity and to improve blood circulation.

The Max Clinic Cirmage Lifting Stick contains four different types of collagen and 17 types of peptides that will help the skin restore its elastic properties, giving it a healthy glow.

Korea Maxclinic Cirmage Lifit - Whitening and Skin Pull of your face.

New concept of cosmeticwith lifting massage penetration treatment, anti aging cream effects at same time.

-Give a love to your skin.

-Smile with confidence everyday.

-Shine bright like a star on your face.

-Greeting attendion by audience.

New concept bonding lifting that lifts skin tight.


Lifting massage, penetration treatment, anti-aging cream effects, all at one time! Lifted skin confidence with Cirmage lifting stick.

The Gua SHa massage principle lifts the loose part and balances face contour This stick gently presses skin, leaving skin's blood circulation up and umpurities down Convenient lifting treatment with this stick that provides special nutrient care, not needing any other beauty tool or equipment Whitening/Anti-wrinkle double effect brightens dull skin and smooth out wrinkles

Main Ingredients

17 types of peptides (pepta-rich complex)

4 types of collagen vitamins that activates collagen


15 petented properties

***【推荐】 : 赶时间的宝贝们, 涂上立即出门不需要在化太浓的装,便利省时间,一涂即可 【特点功效】:CIRMAGE美容棒 面部刮痧按摩 提拉緊致抗皺美容棒 通經絡 緊緻美容棒一步實現提示按摩 滲透護理和抗衰老面霜營造提示肌膚自信感 【使用方法】: 1.利用水療刮痧按摩原理,提示鬆弛部分 均衡呵護面部輪廓 2.美容棒可對肌膚進行指壓按摩 改善皮膚的血液循環 減少廢物 實現通透亮白嘅面部護膚 3.唔需其他美容工具和設備 一支美容棒即可簡便實現特殊滋養提升護理 4.具有美白,抗皺雙重功效 使暗淡肌膚變得亮白,且有效改善皺紋 【成份】 : 17種肽(多肽complex) 煙酰胺 腺甘 韓國食品醫藥品安全處認可的美白,抗皺雙重功效 4種膠原蛋白 膠原蛋白活性化維生素 可填補皮膚縫隙,打造彈性潤澤肌膚

【Maxclinic】Cirmage Lifting Sticks 紧致提拉美容精华棒 【Maxclinic】Cirmage Lifting Sticks 紧致提拉美容精华棒 【Maxclinic】Cirmage Lifting Sticks 紧致提拉美容精华棒 【Maxclinic】Cirmage Lifting Sticks 紧致提拉美容精华棒 【Maxclinic】Cirmage Lifting Sticks 紧致提拉美容精华棒
【Maxclinic】Cirmage Lifting Sticks 紧致提拉美容精华棒
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