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【MarySharon】Rainbow Bean Cleanser 洁面小彩豆

【MarySharon】Rainbow Bean Cleanser 洁面小彩豆
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【MarySharon】Rainbow Bean Cleanser 洁面小彩豆

Marysharon Rainbow Bean Cleanser (55g) A new generation of cleansing products, rich in amino acid cleansing ingredients, rich and delicate bubbles, can be used for make-up cleansing, shampoo care, bath nourishing, a multi-purpose powder, blue, yellow, green four colors, colorful, fresh Cute, to meet the needs of different skin types of people can also mix and match the use of beans. Refreshing powder: rich in vitamin B12 (cyanocobalamin), refreshing oil tightening. Moistening Blue: rich in mint ingredients, refreshing moisture rejuvenation. Bright yellow: rich in vitamin C, vitamin E and other ingredients, clear skin beautiful skin Brightening. Soothing Green: rich in snow, grass and other plant ingredients, ease the conditioning skin.

美丽誓颜洁面小彩豆 (55g) 新一代洁面产品,富含氨基酸洁净成分,泡泡丰富细腻,可用于彩妆洁面、洗发护理、沐浴滋养等,一豆多用,精选粉、蓝、黄、绿四种颜色,缤纷多彩,清新可爱,满足不同肤质人群需求,也可以多豆混搭使用。 清爽粉:富含维生素B12(氰钴胺), 清爽控油紧肤。 滋润蓝:富含薄荷成分,清凉滋润嫩肤。 明亮黄:富含维生素C、维生素E等成分,清透美肌亮肤。 舒缓绿:富含积雪草、母菊花等植物精华成分,舒缓调理净肤。


脸部清洁 1颗 -- 每周2次,面膜前使用促进营养成分吸收

For Face -- Twice a week, use before mask

手足角质 1颗 -- 去除废老角质,根据需要随时使用

For Hands & Feet -- Remove dead skin, use as often  as necessary

头皮护理 2颗 -- 每周1次,治愈头皮瘙痒与头皮屑问题,配合洗发,秀发顺滑强健

For Scalp -- Once a week, solve scalp itching and dandruff, use with shampoo, let the hair smooth and strong

全身沐浴 3 颗 -- 每周1次,全身角质护理,配合沐浴露,肌肤香滑柔嫩

For body -- Once a week,remove dead skin on body, use with body shampoo, let the skin smooth and silky


There are 4 colours of beans

黄色 -- 富含维生素C和维生素E等多种亮肤成分,改善肌肤暗哑状态,让肌肤变得白皙透亮

Yellow -- Rich in Vitamin C and Vitamin E and other ingredients that can brightening our skin, improve dull skin, let our skin become white and bright

蓝色 -- 富含薄荷成分,使肌肤倍感清凉润泽

Blue -- Rich in mint ingredients, let the skin feel cool and moist

绿色 -- 积雪草提取物,黄芩根提取物,茶叶提取物,光果甘草根提取物,母菊花提取物,迷迭香叶根提取物,帮助舒缓镇静肌肤

Green -- Calms ad soothes skin

粉色 -- 富含维生素B12,加速肌肤新陈代谢

Pink -- Rich in Vitamin B12, accelerate our skin metabolism

彩豆使用方法 :

How to use Rainbow Bean Cleanser :

方法1 -- 把彩豆放入专用起泡杯,注入适量清水,上下按压约20秒即可出丰富泡泡,将泡泡用于需求部位进行按摩清洁,清水洗净即可

Method 1 -- Put the bean into the special foaming cup, add in some water, press up and down almost 20 seconds, use the bubbles to clean your skin, rinse with water.

方法2 -- 取彩豆于掌心捏碎,加少量清水,慢慢揉搓打泡,均匀涂抹于面部按摩清水洗净

Method 2 -- Put the bean in your palm, crumb it and add some water, rub it slowly to form bubbles, apply the bubbles evenly on your face, massage to clean, then rinse with water.

【MarySharon】Rainbow Bean Cleanser 洁面小彩豆 【MarySharon】Rainbow Bean Cleanser 洁面小彩豆 【MarySharon】Rainbow Bean Cleanser 洁面小彩豆 【MarySharon】Rainbow Bean Cleanser 洁面小彩豆 【MarySharon】Rainbow Bean Cleanser 洁面小彩豆 【MarySharon】Rainbow Bean Cleanser 洁面小彩豆
【MarySharon】Rainbow Bean Cleanser 洁面小彩豆
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