【限时图画书优惠】Mindy's Growing Up Books SET(儿童成长教育故事)

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26You need to step into a child's world to feel what naive innocence is.

This is a series of stories written from a child's point of view about topics they may encounter in their everyday life. Interesting topics for children such as where babies come from, what is dad's role in the family, and spending time with parents are cleverly written to engage young readers. The stories also gently lead children to think about more complex social and moral values in their home environment.

《Where Do I Come From?》
An interesting episode that contrasts the simplicity of a child with the complexity of an adult.

《My Naughty Dad
A child narrates what her dad's role in the family is...and how she sees him.

《Don't Be Scared, Mom. I'm Here!
Though young at age, a child can also shoulder responsibilities.

《I Wish To Go Out To Explore

A child needs to spend time with her parents too - materialistics enjoyment is not everything.
【限时图画书优惠】Mindy\'s Growing Up Books SET(儿童成长教育故事)
【限时图画书优惠】Mindy\'s Growing Up Books SET(儿童成长教育故事)
【限时图画书优惠】Mindy\'s Growing Up Books SET(儿童成长教育故事)
【限时图画书优惠】Mindy\'s Growing Up Books SET(儿童成长教育故事)
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