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超極細繊維, 溫和不易刺激肌膚 易吸附去除老廢角質及毛孔髒污 回復光澤滑順的肌膚
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Name: Refreshing Cleansing Beauty finger Material: Polyester Use: 1. Remove the inside of the finger from the foaming, use shower gel (soap) to create lather 2. Place the stained finger after foam, gentle massage scrub neck clavicle or feel rough parts ※ for rough areas of skin, it is recommended to use a one week time. ※ Please hang ventilated place to dry after use. Origin: Japan Manufacturer: Teijin fu ro nn te ? Corporation (TEIJIN FRONTIER CO, LTD.) Address: Chuo-ku, Osaka City, South cho 1-chome 6 Fan the 7th Note: Min weak muscles, allergies do not use skin if Do not use a wound or inflamed eczema, sunburn or other abnormal conditions, please note the finger is not wet state using facial scrub or use excessive force, it could lead to skin pain (recommended gentle needed to complete the site after rough horny, no need to repeat the cleaning, to avoid excessive damage to healthy skin exfoliating epidermis) use, after use if redness? Itching, etc. When an exception occurs, discontinue use immediately and consult a specialist, please do not put in place to keep infants can contact for purposes other than the above do not stay away from the fire source

品名:美人潔膚清爽指套 材質:聚酯纖維 使用方式: 1. 取出指套內側的起泡網,使用沐浴乳(皂)搓揉至起泡 2. 將指套沾上泡沫後,溫和按摩搓洗肩頸鎖骨或感覺粗糙的部位 ※針對肌膚粗糙部位,建議一週使用1次。 ※使用完畢後請掛置通風處晾乾。 產地:日本 製造商:帝人株式会社(TEIJIN FRONTIER CO., LTD) 地址:大阪府大阪市中央區南本町1丁目6番7號 注意事項: 敏弱肌、過敏體質者請勿使用 皮膚若有傷口或紅腫濕疹、曬傷等異常狀況時請勿使用 請注意指套未浸濕的狀態下使用或過度施力搓洗臉部,恐造成肌膚疼痛 (建議輕柔去完需要部位的粗糙角質後,無須重複擦拭,避免過度去角質破壞健康肌膚表皮層) 使用中、使用後若有紅腫?搔癢等異常發生時,請立即停止使用並諮詢專科醫師 請妥善保管勿放置於嬰幼兒可接觸的場所 請勿用於上述以外的用途 請遠離火源
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