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【German Fairy Tales】Peach Rose Fruit Tea (125g/box)

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德國無咖啡因果粒茶 酸甜香間的美味桃源 新鮮果粒入茶的時尚調味茶 完整果粒不打碎,新鮮天然看的見 不含人工香料、色素 各種檢驗認證通過,安心飲用 德國進口品質保證
Product Information
德國童話 蜜桃玫果茶 125g/盒 (效期:21.06.)

Name: Peach Rose tea ingredients: apple Ding, Ding peach, apricot Ding, rose hips, orange peel, Roselle, Flavour capacity: 125g / box Shelf life: 2 years, valid for more than one year of receipt of goods Origin: Germany Agents: Olsen Limited Tel: (02) 7728-8858 Registered Address: Songshan, Taipei Nanjing East Road Section 53 Alley 8, Lane 11 Storage: Keep the bag was sealed and placed in a cool dry place Product Liability Insurance: insured Fubon 30 million product liability insurance

品名:蜜桃玫果茶 成分:蘋果丁、洛神花、柑橘皮、玫瑰果、桃子丁(桃子、米粉)、杏桃(杏桃、米粉) 容量:125g/盒 保存期限:2年 產地:德國 代理商:歐森有限公司 電話:(02)7728-8858 登記地址:台北市松山區南京東路四段53巷8弄11號 保存方式:請將袋口密封並置於陰涼乾燥處 產品責任險:投保富邦3000萬產品責任險
【German Fairy Tales】Peach Rose Fruit Tea (125g/box)
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