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【Crystal】Sun Spray 水晶防晒喷雾全透明 SPF50+PA++

【Crystal】Sun Spray  水晶防晒喷雾全透明 SPF50+PA++
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Product Information

【Crystal】Sun Spray 水晶防晒喷雾全透明 SPF50+PA++

Recipe Crystal Sun Spray SPF 50 + PA+++ 150ml 

Often exposed to sunlight? Be sure your skin is protected; use the Recipe Crystal Sunspray! It is easy to use since you only have to spray it on your skin, no need for tedious application.

This sun protection spray is not oily or sticky and leaves no stain or white marks on the skin. It is immediately absorbed even on wet skin. It contains organic ingredients; no parabens / preservatives / formaldehyde here! It is safe to use daily.

The Recipe Crystal Sun Spray features:

  • Transparent Spray Sun Block (SPF 50+, PA+++) that causes no stains and lumps;

  • Convenient usage (anytime and anywhere, before and after make-up, can be applied on wet skin);

  • Makeup compatibility (can be used as a facial mist and makeup fixer);

  • Continuous moisture and cooling / refreshing effect (softens skin without the sticky after-feel).

How to Use:

Shake the Recipe Crystal Sunspray before use. Do not spray the product on the same area for more than 3 seconds.

As much as possible, spray the product at a distance of over 20cm from the skin. Do not spray the product on areas around your eyes and mucous membranes (for external use only). Do not inhale sprayed gas. When indoors, use the product in a well ventilated area.

【 产品推荐 】 : RECIPE 莱斯璧水晶防晒喷雾CRYSTAL SUN SPRAY全透明 SPF50+PA++ 【规 格/ 容量】:  蕴含61种纯天然成分,富含大量有机物,具备保水、保湿、降温效果。不含传统10种有害物质,并通过敏感性肌肤无过敏测试。目前世界最高防晒指数SPF50+ PA+++,防晒时间长达12小时,彻底防御紫外线,不受汗水和皮脂的影响,超强防水功能,大汗淋漓、游戏水中,任何情况一切OK。使用后不会出现起堆和浮白现象。 【产品功效】: 干爽清爽的防晒喷雾有彻底防御紫外线 不受汗水及皮脂影响 使化妆更持久的功防水防晒防汗喷雾 【使用方法】: 使用之前摇均,距离皮肤20cm轻轻一喷,出门前喷一喷,无论何时何地,一喷搞定,用手轻拍更容易吸收哦!

注意事项:(1) 购买美妆产品前请到产品官网了解成分和适用肤质等相关信息。(2) 如初次使用,可在耳后等部位皮肤小量试用,观察有无刺激过敏等现象。 (3) 避免接触眼睛,如不慎入眼,即刻用清水彻底冲洗。如有持续皮肤或眼睛刺激,请停止使用。(4) 如为儿童护肤品,则务必由成人指导儿童使用。(5) 产品须放置于儿童无法拿到的地方

【Crystal】Sun Spray 水晶防晒喷雾全透明 SPF50+PA++ 【Crystal】Sun Spray 水晶防晒喷雾全透明 SPF50+PA++ 【Crystal】Sun Spray 水晶防晒喷雾全透明 SPF50+PA++ 【Crystal】Sun Spray 水晶防晒喷雾全透明 SPF50+PA++ 【Crystal】Sun Spray 水晶防晒喷雾全透明 SPF50+PA++ 【Crystal】Sun Spray 水晶防晒喷雾全透明 SPF50+PA++
【Crystal】Sun Spray  水晶防晒喷雾全透明 SPF50+PA++
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