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【Bongris】Female Feminine Gel 棒女郎抑菌凝胶

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【Bongris】Female Feminine Gel 棒女郎抑菌凝胶

15 women's body signals telling you you should use BonGirls gel: 15个女性身体症状告诉你应该选用棒女郎私护凝胶:

  1. Private parts itching, odour 下体瘙痒, 异味

  2. Abnormal leukorrhea 白带异常

  3. Frequent or painful urination phenomenon 尿频, 尿痛

  4. Vaginal infection, cervical erosion, or other gynaecological inflammation 阴道感染, 宫颈糜烂, 妇科炎症

  5. Fabroids, cyst 纤维瘤, 囊胞

  6. Bloating-Pain on abdomen and breast during period 经期胸部, 腹部胀痛

  7. Disorder menstruation: not timing, too short or too long 经期不定时, 过短或过长

  8. Intimate contact pain 亲密接触时疼痛

  9. Vagina: dry, or loose, or sex-frigid 阴道干涩, 阴道松弛, 或性冷淡者

  10. Feel cold on hand and feet 手脚冰凉

  11. Face and skin: pimples, ageing spots, wrinkles, hair fall 长斑, 长痘, 无光泽, 皱纹, 脱发

  12. Breast sagging 乳房下垂

  13. Hormone imbalance 荷尔蒙失调

  14. Menopause symptoms 更年期症状

  15. Infertility 不孕不育

All these relate to female uterus health! Maybe you don't know, beside as part of human reproduction system, uterus play a big role in maintaining women's body healthy (immune system), helping in metabolisme proccess, developing hormone, and detoxification! 这些都跟女性的子宫健康有关联! 或许你不知道除了生育作用,子宫最大的功用是照顾女性整个身体的健康 (防御系统), 帮助新陈代谢, 制造荷尔蒙, 和排毒!

Then, what's residual garbage inside a women's uterus? 那, 有哪些“垃圾”陈积在女性子宫里呢?

  • Parenthood garbage - Placenta garbage, lochia garbage 生育垃圾 - 羊水垃圾, 恶露垃圾

  • Couple's life garbage 夫妻生活垃圾

  • Menstruation garbage 月经垃圾

  • Metabolism garbage 身体新陈代谢垃圾

  • Lifestyle garbage 生活习惯垃圾

In short, an unhealthy uterus will bring effects to the healthy of the women! 也就是说, 不健康的子宫会影响整个女性身体的健康!

Bongirls Gel is 100% making from traditional chinese herbs, contains no additives, so is safe to use, and have great results. It's character is to cleanse away those garbage and toxins accumulated inside the uterus, and helping to soothe and eliminate infection and inflammation, boost reproduction, tightening vaginal, treat menstrual pain, slowing down ageing proccess... 棒女郎凝胶Bongirls Gel是百分之百纯中药精华提取,不含任何添加剂,所以效果好安全使用。它的特点是帮助你把这些垃圾, 毒素脏血排出体外,以达到消除炎症,助孕,缩阴,治疗痛经, 延缓衰老...功效。

8 Functions of Bongirls Gel 棒女郎凝胶8大功效:

  1. Killing bacteria, germs, and virus 消炎杀菌

  2. Restore/ Repair damages 修复损伤

  3. Detoxification 味消毒除

  4. Nutrition 补充营养

  5. Replenish and Tightening 润滑缩阴

  6. Anti Aging 驻颜抗衰

  7. Younger skin condition 美容香体

  8. Daily hygiene care 日常护理

Each box contains 6 tubes Bongirls Gel, for one (1) week usage. ** We suggest our 1st time customer to use this product for 1~2 treatment for best results! (1 treatment = 4 weeks or 4 boxes Bongirls gel) 每盒棒女郎有6支凝胶,一个星期的用量。 ** 我们建议我们的新顾客使用此产品1~2个疗程以达到最好的疗效! (一个疗程为4个星期,既4盒棒女郎凝胶)

【Bongris】Female Feminine Gel 棒女郎抑菌凝胶 【Bongris】Female Feminine Gel 棒女郎抑菌凝胶 【Bongris】Female Feminine Gel 棒女郎抑菌凝胶 【Bongris】Female Feminine Gel 棒女郎抑菌凝胶 【Bongris】Female Feminine Gel 棒女郎抑菌凝胶 【Bongris】Female Feminine Gel 棒女郎抑菌凝胶
【Bongris】Female Feminine Gel 棒女郎抑菌凝胶
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