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[] Go BIOline good sleep (30 / box)

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★ 幫助入睡,靈活思考
★ 日本研發專利獨步全球
★ GABA-舒壓樂活新元素
★ 幫助入睡,優質的睡眠品質
★ 思緒清晰,靈活思考,學習、專注UP!!
★ 結合中西方舒壓成份-酸棗仁、洋甘菊
★ 特別推薦-上班族、業務、考生/
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◆ commodity: natural herbal capsules go good sleep ◆ Contents: 500mg / pcs, 30 / box ◆ Ingredients: glutamic acid fermentation product powder (containing GABA), Semen extract, chamomile extract microcrystalline cellulose, silica silicon, magnesium stearate, hydroxypropyl methylcellulose ◆ Usage: ‧ good night's sleep before going to bed 30 minutes 2-4 stars, the challenge 1-2 capsules 30 minutes before, with warm vegetarian eating edible ‧ ◆ Note: 1.GABA content daily maximum limit of 500mg or less use. 2. Children, pregnant and breastfeeding women should not use. ◆ NOTE: ‧ ‧ does not contain plasticizers inspection by SGS, without medicine, heavy metals ‧PIC / S pharmaceutical quality assurance ◆ country of origin (country): Taiwan ◆ Storage: Keep out of reach of children is difficult to get it, and set in a cool place and avoid direct sunlight ◆ Retention period: 3 years ◆ manufacture date / effective date: Please see the physical commodity pack labeling ◆ The product has been insured Fubon Insurance 60 million ◆ manufacturer or vendor name the country responsible for: Stars Spectrum Biological Technology Co., Ltd. Tel: 02-27221001 Address: Zhongxiao East, 11th Floor, No. 358, Taipei 路五段 insurance product liability insurance Font Size: 0050 word article 04ML001310 food industry Login size: A-128466990-00000-2

◆ 品名:Go好眠_樂活好眠膠囊 ◆ 內容量:500mg/顆,30顆/盒 ◆ 成份:麩胺酸發酵物粉(含GABA)、酸棗仁抽出物、洋甘菊抽出物 微晶纖維素、二氧化矽、硬脂酸鎂、羥丙基甲基纖維素 ◆ 使用方法: ‧優質睡眠於睡前30分鐘2-4顆,面對挑戰30分鐘前1-2顆,搭配溫水食用 ‧素食可食 ◆ 注意事項: 1.GABA含量每日最高使用限量為500mg以下。 2.兒童、懷孕及哺乳期間婦女不宜使用。 ◆ 備註: ‧不含塑化劑 ‧通過SGS檢驗合格,不含西藥、重金屬 ‧PIC/S藥廠品質保證 ◆ 原產地(國):台灣 ◆ 保存方式:請放置於兒童不易取得之處,並置於陰涼處,避免陽光直接曝曬 ◆ 保存期限:3年 ◆ 製造日期/有效日期:請詳見實物商品外盒標示 ◆ 本產品已投保富邦產物保險6000萬 ◆ 製造廠商或國內負責廠商名稱: 星譜生物科技股份有限公司 電話號碼:02-2768-1011 地址:台北市信義區松隆路102號9樓 投保產品責任險字號:0050字第04ML001310號 食品業者登錄字號:A-128466990-00000-2
[] Go BIOline good sleep (30 / box)
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