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【Amace】TRIM EX Fat Blocker + IMMU DX Colon Guard Dietary Supplement (1set)

【Amace】TRIM EX Fat Blocker + IMMU DX Colon Guard Dietary Supplement (1set)
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  • Burns stubborn fats

  • Block fat formation

  • Metabolism booster

  • Remove unwanted toxins and heavy metal

  • Relieve constipation, Maintain healthy colon

  • Skin brightening, Suppress Melatonin

  • Anti-aging, hydrates and smoothen skin

  • Formulated in Germany, KKM Certified, Raspberry Flavor

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Product Information

What's in the box:

  • 1 x Amace TRIM EX Fat Blocker
  • 1 x Amace IMMU DX Colon Guard

【Amace】TRIM EX Fat Blocker + IMMU DX Colon Guard

Trim and fit is the ultimate goal of the current society. Keeping or achieving trim body in an effective yet no hassle way and eventually obtaining the fitness of good health. What is the no hassle way? TRIM EX is the way. It is developed for the good being of assisting people to get achieving an ideal lifestyle with natural and safe ingredients. This formulation will improve your body shape and at the same time improving your skin texture. Hence TRIM EX provides you with double actions to getting trim and fit, added benefits that is making a difference to the market products are preventing sagging skin and you will glow while you are trimming down. TRIM EX is a complete solution that is your choice which enable you to trim down or get better health even if you would like to maintain your current body shape and weight.

塑身和健康是当前社会的终极目标。采用零麻烦的有效方法,保持或达到理想体型和最终获得良好的健康的身体。什么是零麻烦的方法? TRIM EX就是零麻烦的选择。它的研发是为了以安全,天然的成分,帮助更多的人实现理想生活。这个配方将改善你的体形,并在同一时间改善你的肤质。TRIM EX与市面上的产品的差异就是能为您提供双重的效果。在达成理想的体型和体重以外,它还帮助紧实肌肤,防止瘦身后的肌肤松弛,让你雕塑出光芒。 TRIM EX是一个完整的解决方案,是您的选择,使您能够减磅或帮助你维持目前的理想体形和体重。
IMMUN DX is specially design for people that is looking for an easy detox diet with extra added values from plain detox product that is in the market. This formulation not only get rid of unwanted toxin, it promotes the skin benefits such as anti-aging, firming and whitening. It gives a miracle combination of inner and outer beauty health solution.

IMMUN DX是专门为正在寻找一个简单的排毒饮食的人而设计的排毒饮料,相比于在市场上普通的排毒产品,IMMUN DX附加了额外的价值。这一配方不仅甩掉多余的毒素,它可以促进皮肤的好处,如抗衰老,紧致和美白。这个奇迹组合为您提供了内在和外在美丽健康的解决方案。
Main Ingredients 主要成份
Trim-EX:Raspberry ketone 覆盆子酮,Green coffee bean extract 绿色咖啡豆提取物,Grapefruit extract 葡萄柚萃取,Astaxanthine 虾青素。

Immu-DX:Cassia seed 决明子,Sakura extract 樱花提取物,Probiotic 益生菌,Cartidyss Marine Collagen 海洋胶原蛋白,Lotus leaf powder 荷叶粉。


1. Suppress appetite 抑制食欲

2. Metabolism booster 代谢助推器

3. Burns stubborn fats 燃烧顽固脂肪

4. Block fat formation 阻止脂肪的形成

5. Skin brightening 提升肌肤光泽

6. Improve skin moisture 改善肌肤水分

7. Regenerate skin cells 肌肤细胞再生

8. Anti-aging 抗衰老

1. Relieve constipation 缓解便秘
2. Promotes smoother bowel movement 促进顺畅排便
3. Maintain healthy colon 保持健康的结肠
4. Remove unwanted toxins and heavy metal 排出不需要的毒素和重金属
5. Block oil absorption 阻挡油的吸收
6. Suppress melatonin 抑制黑素素
7. Skin whitening 美白肌肤
8. Protection against UV damage 防护紫外线伤害
9. Anti-aging, hydrates and smoothen skin 抗老化,保湿,肌肤平滑
10. Improve skin elasticity and reduce the formation of wrinkles and fine lines 改善肌肤弹性,减少皱纹和细纹的形成

Trim-EX:Mix 1 sachet with 250ml of room temperature water and stir well.
Consume 1 sachet 30 minutes before breakfast. 早餐前30分钟,将1包与250ml室温水混合,搅拌均 匀即饮。
Immu-DX: Mix 1 sachet with 200ml of room temperature water and stir well.
Consume 1 sachet before bedtime. 临睡前,将1包与200ml 室温水混合,搅拌均匀即饮 。
Serving Size分量:
Trim-EX: 30's x 10g per box 每盒 30包 x 10克
Immu-DX:30's x 15g per box 每盒 30包 x 15克
Store in a cool, dry place. Do not expose to direct sunlight.
Keep out of reach of children.

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【Amace】TRIM EX Fat Blocker + IMMU DX Colon Guard Dietary Supplement (1set)
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