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Durian vacuum dried (50G)榴莲干

Durian vacuum dried (50G)榴莲干
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Durian is known as the king of tropical fruit and its unique taste is deeply loved by the public. Durian is a seasonal fruit with a very short production season. 

In order to supply consumers all over the world for the whole year, the manufacturer carefully selected excellent quality and delicious meat durian during the period of durian production, and adopted the most advanced -45°C rapid freezing. The system is instantly frozen and then vacuum dried. This drying technology can completely maintain the original flavor and nutritional value of durian.

Vacuum freeze-dried durian, made from 100% durian pulp, without any additives, rich in protein, vitamins, high fiber, zero cholesterol.

  1. High vitamin C, enhance human immunity.
  2. The trace elements zinc and selenium make your thinking more agile and memory stronger.
  3. Dietary fiber promotes intestinal peristalsis and helps digestion.
  4. Zero cholesterol keeps you away from high blood pressure, stroke, arteriosclerosis and enjoys a healthy taste.




  1. 高维生素C,增强人体免疫力。
  2. 使您的思维更加敏捷,记忆力更强。
  3. 膳食纤维促进肠道蠕动并帮助消化。
  4. 零胆固醇让您远离高血压,中风,动脉硬化,并享有健康的口感。
Durian vacuum dried (50G)榴莲干
Durian vacuum dried (50G)榴莲干
Durian vacuum dried (50G)榴莲干
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