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Dragon Fruit Enzyme 500ML

Dragon Fruit Enzyme 500ML
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Enzymes play a vital role on virtually all the biochemical activities in the human body. In fact, every living being requires enzymes in order to survive as they are indispensable to digesting food, stimulation the brain and providing cellular energy in addition to being responsible for the major repair of all tissues, organs and cells. A lack of enzyme would mean a lack of chemical reactions and metabolism in the body as almost every reaction that takes place in the human body requires enzymes.

In their primary role, enzymes act as catalysts to accelerate hundreds of thousands of biochemical reactions in the body. Each Enzyme is specifically designed for a particular process in the body and the smoothness of chemical changes taking place in our organs depends on the cooperation of thousands of enzymes, each playing its own role.

They are also the missing link in nutrition whereby they break down the large food molecules into basic building blocks so that it can be utilised by the body. Amongst others, they also digest, absorb, transport, metabolise and eliminate the waste of the nutrients that we consume in addition to promoting the oxidation of glucose to create energy and converting nutrients ingested by the body to construct new muscle tissues, nerve cells, bones, skin and glandular tissues.
Dragon Fruit Enzyme 500ML
Dragon Fruit Enzyme 500ML
Dragon Fruit Enzyme 500ML
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