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Dr. Daisy - PC

Dr. Daisy - PC
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Product Information
  • Keep Dr. Daisy light on her feet as she completes 50 fun, fast paced levels.Heal your special friends at 5 locations including Pet Clinic, Farm, Bird Sanctuary, Sea Park, and Zoo.Diagnose 30 animals with unique and humorous maladies including chickens with chicken pox, bald eagles with pattern feather loss, lactose intolerant cows, and flamingos with pink eye..Tons of diagnostic devices, medical equipment, clinic contraptions, and crazy cures.
  • Help Dr. Daisy run every aspect of her clinic from check-in and diagnosis to dispensing medication and treatments.Choose from three power-ups: Coffee machines, pet treats and a refresher handbook to get Daily healing faster.Examine and treat your patients with love and speed-waiting can make your patients harder to treat or will even send them to another clinic.Improve the appearance of your clinic with special upgrades including a treat dispenser, computer system, new flooring and more.
  • Fun Activities Included:Heal these and many other hilarious animal ailments:Allergies (cat).Tongue-Tied (aardvark).Whisker Burn (seal).Loss of Appetite (pig).Insomnia (bat).Nose in a Bottle (dolphin).Unable to Float (duck).Leg Cramp (horse).Bad Hair Day ((lion). Loss of Feathers (eagle).Lactose Intolerance (cow).
  • Root Canal (shark).Nearsighted (owl).High Cholesterol (turkey).Trunk Cramp (elephant).Loss of Voice (parrot).Loss of Charge (snake).Full Pouch (kangaroo).Hypothermia (bird).Pink Eye (flamingo).Dropped Stripes (zebra).Tennis Elbow (octopus).Chicken Pox (chicken).
  • Windows Requirements: Windows XP, Vista. Pentium IV 1.3 GHz processor. 256 MB of RAM. 32 MB DirectX 9.0 Video Card. 40 MB Hard Drive Space. DirectX compliant Sound Card. Keyboard. Mouse. DirectX 9.0 or higher. Flash Player 9. CD-ROM drive. Macintosh Requirements: Mac OS X 10.4 or higher.1.2 GHZ or higher processor.256 MB of RAM.32 MB Video Card.40 MB Hard Drive space.Keyboard.Mouse.CD-ROM drive.
Dr. Daisy - PC
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