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K-Detox Detoxification Foot Patch

K-Detox Detoxification Foot Patch
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Product Information

Inspired by the concept of tree absorbing water from the ground, filtering the good and excrete the bad, K-Detox Detoxification Foot Patch is using the same concept absorbing the toxics out of body. It is made from natural detoxification ingredients, no side effects to human body, and suitable to use for everyone.

K-Detox Detoxification Foot Patch is easy to use. Just apply to the desired area, and after 6-8 hours of application, the white pad will turn to greenish, brown or black color, depending on the individual health condition. K-Detox is recommended to use daily until discharge color is getting lighter and then use twice weekly to maintain a healthy body.

Quantity: 10 pads/box

Ingredients :-

Variety of plant ingredients, wood vinegar, bamboo vinegar, ions, infrared, perlite, pure silicon, Brazil tourmaline, Agaric mushroom, Pimiento plain, Eucalyptus oil and Chitin.

Direction of use :-

Clean the feet before using K-Detox Foot Patch. Place the printed detox pads on sticky plaster before put it on the bottom of the foot. Best to use before going to bed. Remove the tainted pads next day morning.

FAQ :-

Why are foot patch worn on feet?

The feet are considered to be the “second heart” in Oriental medicine. The body systems and organs’ reflex points located on the sole of feet. By stimulating these reflex areas, it can help to energize and detoxify the body.

Can the detox patch be worn anywhere else on body?

Yes, the pads can be worn directly over a painful and swollen area, including hands, legs, shoulders, waist and back of the body.

What results can I expect to see with the foot detox patch?

1. Eliminates body wastes and body detoxification.

2. Stimulates acupuncture points and reflexology.

3. Promotes blood circulation.

4. Helps strengthen immune system.

5. Promotes body metabolism.

6. Improves sleeping quality.

K-Detox Detoxification Foot Patch
K-Detox Detoxification Foot Patch
K-Detox Detoxification Foot Patch
K-Detox Detoxification Foot Patch
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