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Dermaroller Titanium Microneedle roller 540 needles

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Product Information

dermaroller SGF USA 01

dermaroller SGF USA 02

Derma Roller SGF + FREE Travel Case - Stainless Steel Micro Needle Roller-540 Needles- 1.0mm Needle Length-Best Skin DermaRoller for Body and Face-Ultimate Therapy for Removal of Stretch Marks, Wrinkles, Scars, Large Pores, Eyes Pouches-Incredible benefits for Beauty, Health, Personal Care

  • Scar Removal – including acne scar removal / treatment
  • Stretch Mark Removal / Treatment
  • Anti Ageing, Anti Wrinkle
  • Cellulite Treatment / Cellulite Reduction or Removal
  • Hair Loss Treatment / Hair Restoration
  • Hyper Pigmentation Treatment

Personal hygiene requires ONE per person, these cannot be shared! Plus FREE travel kit!
Finally, The Affordable New Secret to Beautiful Skin!.........The Professionals Choice for Skin Treatment at Home!
Removes stretch marks, acne scars and other scars
Reduces wrinkles, fine lines, large pores, under-eye puffyness and CELLULITE!
Increases natural Collagen production and skin elasticity


Use gentle but consistent pressure with vertical, horizontal & diagonal motion. Improves penetration of vitamins A and C creams 1000 times. Always clean skin before use and clean Derma Roller SGF before and after use. Do not use on open skin area. Personal experimentation is advised and best accomplished with photos and a journal of efforts. Your skin will determine most effective pressure and frequency. Continued use over longer periods of time will produce best results as this is the natural way to rejuvenate skin.

Product Description
The Affordable New Secret to Beautiful Skin
The Professional's Choice for Skin Treatment at Home

- Scar removal including acne scars

- Stretch Mark removal 

- Wrinkle removal/reduction

- Cellulite reduction 
- Large Pore reduction

- Hair Loss restoration

- Hyper Pigmentation treatment

Visual and noticeable improvements in just a few days!
Women and men from all over the world are using Micro Needle Therapy or what is now being called a Derma Roller, with miraculous results. Dramatic benefits after first few uses however, extended efforts will produce even better results.

Your Derma Roller SGF stainless steel needles in a 1.0mm length, on a roller with a 540 needle count.

- Super easy to use 
- Stimulates Collagen production 
- No bruising, infection, discoloration, 'healing time' or other complications 
- Cost effective 
- Almost all skin types can be treated 
- Extremely high absorption of any active ingredients from appropriate skin care products

The Derma Roller SGF has a 90 Day Money Back Guarantee, no questions asked, if you are not completely satisfied.
Don't Wait! This is the answer you have been looking for, an affordable skin treatment from home that really works! Get the results you've always wanted, get your Derma Roller SGF today!

Medical grade stainless steel tiny needles , can be applied on any part of your skin.Its application principle is by way of the stimulation the dermis layer of collagen and fibroblast proliferation, because of microneedle stimulation, may remove the wrinkle and the improvement skin texture.

Microneedle therapy is regularly rolling on the places which need to cure,accompanying with functional nutrition liquid.It can puncture more than 250,000 micro vessels on the epidermal within five minutes,create an efficient nutrient delivery system in the epidermis and subcutaneous tissue,and then the skin will be more beautiful.


What's in the Box:

What is Derma Roller?The Derma Roller is a cylindrical shaped drum studded with very fineneedles. The scientist has passed through the innumerable research and develops the micro needle therapy.This method is through infiltrating the epidermis (anti insulation) which will allow the active nutrient to be absorbed. 
This therapy can effectively promote the nutrient and ability of the skin cuticles and dermal cells which will show remarkable effect through transporting the nutrient through the skin layers.
Furthermore, the microneedle therapy stimulates the recovery ability of the dermal wound, thus enhancing the skin and promoting skin proliferation by increasing thickness of the skin cuticles by approximately 8%, and its effect may be compared favorably with laser and the filling surgery.
The side effect of microneedle technology is low, safe, reliable and the best therapy for use even at home.
How is the 540 Needles Derma Roller Superior to Other Rollers?
Extra Needles per head. The skin roller has 540 needles per roller head, in comparison with the standard roller that has less than 200 needles per head. With extra needles you will have greater penetration in much less time.
Needle Thickness is Thinner.The needle thickness is 0.20mm, in comparison with the standard needle thickness of 0.25mm, which means you should have much less discomfort throughout needle therapy.
Needle shape leads to less discomfort The diamond shape of the 540 Needles Skin Roller leads to less pain compared to the standard round shaped needle of other skin rollers. This is because the thickness of the spherical-shaped needle is twice as large as the diamond shape needle of the 540 Needles Skin Roller.
*Micro Needle is made from a fine material of stainless steel, and is safe*


Before you use dermaroller, please do the 3 steps :
1) Check the needles heads of the dermaroller overtime after using if its used roughly there may have bend needles, if there is a needle bent / twisted / broken, please don't use the dermaroller anymore because it will create more new scars, you have to throw it to dustbin and go buy a new dermaroller. If you feel 1 or 2 needles pulling your skin when you are dermarolling your skin, you MUST stop using it, because there is 1 or 2 bent needles. You will find out the bent needles if you check all the needles carefully. Look at the picture below for example of a bent needle :

2) Wash the dermaroller with soap + water (me and most of my customers also do it, but some other perfectionise people want perfect clean, they use salt water or 75% alcohol to clean it).
3) Wash your face with facial cleanser before you start dermarolling your face.

Step to use dermaroller (if you don't want to bleed) :
1) Use dermaroller to roll on your skin vertically for 10 times, horizontally for 10 times to form + shape. Then roll another 20 times with different directions to form x shape, like the above picture.
2) Apply cream on your skin.

Step to use dermaroller (if you want to roll harder with long needles roller until bleed a lot) :
1) Apply lidocain 10% spray for 30 seconds to numb your skin to prevent the pain later.
2) Use dermaroller to roll on your skin for 10 times per direction to form + shape and x shape, like the above picture.
3) Wash away the lidocain from your face with water.
4) Apply cream on your skin.
How many time I can dermarolling in a month?
It is depend on how fast your skin can heal/recovery. Normally if you roll harder with longer needles causing a lot of bleed, you will need to wait 3 days to let the redness disappear and you will need to wait another 4 days to let the blackness disappear, so total 7 days that you need to wait. You can dermarolling again only when all redness and blackness disappear, because if you dermarolling too many times on redness / blackness scars, it will cause hyperpigmentation appear. So 1 week can roll 1 time only if you plan to roll harder until bleed. Laser treatment also can do only 1 time per month right? Because worry hyperpigmentation appear.
To use derma roller, you can refer to the video below : She don't have scars on her face, she roll her face just because want to improve her skin texture
Video below shows his 24th treatment, he his deep scars, so he need to roll his face until a little bit bleeding :
You can view all his video from his treatment 1 to the last from his you-tube page :

Video below shows doctor using numbing cream during dermarolling on his patients, they bleed a lot :

Bleeding = effective. You need to roll until bleeding to maximize the effectiveness. If you cannot bear the pain, you can apply numbling cream. If u can bear the pain, you don't need numbling cream. If you roll, you will feel very pain, when u feel pain, u won't put pressure. If you don't put pressure, it won't cause bleeding and thus it is not effective. Bleeding = effective. If you want bleeding without so much pain, you can do stamp-chopping instead of rolling. Stmp-chopping = press 2 seconds then release, press 2 seconds then release, press 2 seconds then release (no rolling at all), u won't feel pain if without rolling, so u can put lot of pressure, so it will cause bleeding, so it will be more effective. Below are some of my personal derma-rolling progress pictures, I roll less and stamp-chopping a lot to cause bleeding :

If u want faster remove the scars, then put max pressure when rolling, it will be bleeding a lot and painful if without numbing cream / lidocaine / anesthetic. (5 to 10 sessions can complete remove the scars already).

If you don't dare to put pressure when rolling, or if you don't dare to bleed, it will takes longer time to remove the scars. (40 - 100 sessions only can complete remove the scars).

Dermaroller Titanium Microneedle roller 540 needles
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