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Decan Tablet, YSP Dexamethasone 0.75mg 10pcs, Ubat Anti-Alahan

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Size (length*width*height): 10cm x 18cm x 2cm

Expiry Date: Normal Expiry

Function: Antipyretic

Pack Type: Single Item

Decan Tablet, YSP Dexamethasone 0.75mg 10pcs, Ubat Anti-Alahan


- Specification:
(01) Color: White
(02) Dimension: 90mm(W) x 32mm(D) x 2mm(H)
(03) Decan tablet is 0.75mg/tablet.
(04) 1 Strip, 10pcs only.
(05) Manufacturer: Y.S.P. Industries
(06) Distributor: Y.S.P. Industries
(07) MAL number: MAL19940144A
(08) Its active ingredient i.e. Dexamethasone (H02AB02) is a corticosteroid homone (belongs to the class of glucocorticoid) (a stronger corticosteroid).
(09) It decreases or prevent tissue responses to inflammatory processes, thereby reducing development of symptoms of inflammation without affecting the underlying cause.
(10) Dexamethasone is generally used to treat conditions:
(a) arthritis,
(b) blood/hormone/immune system disorders,
(c) allergic reactions,
(d) certain skin and eye conditions,
(e) breathing problems,
(f) certain bowel disorders,
(g) certain cancers
(h) adrenal gland disorder (Cushing's syndrome)
(11) Dexamethasone is specifically used to treat inflammation in the body such as:
(a) Acute rheumatism - radang sendi
(b) Rheumatoid arthritis - radang pada sendi, penyakit autoimun
(c) Acute gouty arthritis - bengkak sendi
(d) Bronchial asthma - asma
(e) Serum sickness (allergic reaction) - alahan kulit
(f) Diffusum lupus erythematous (autoimmune diseases)
(g) Nodular arthritis
(h) Pemphigus - gangguan kulit serius yang ditandai dengan lepuhan di kulit, bahagian dalam mulut, hidung, tenggorokan, dan kelamin
(i) Bursitis
(j) Mycositis
(k) Fibermyositis, and
(l) Inflammatory eye diseases.
(12) 1 tablet 2 - 4 times a day (4 - 6 hours), after meal or food, swallow the tablets with some water.
(13) Apply oral when needed only.
(14) Stop if no allergy sign occur.
(15) Do not use it if you are hypersensitivity with any active ingredients in this dexamethasone.
(16) It must be used cautiously in people with ocular herpes simplex and gastric-duodenal ulcer. Your doctor will reduce the dose or stop Decan tablet gradually to reduce the withdrawal symptoms.
(17) Having this medicine will let you feel sleepy, prevent driving vehicle and machine handling after having it.
(18) Mungkn ada kesan mengantuk, terbaik untuk masalah hidung , alahan, kegatalan, gigitan serangga dan lain-lain.

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