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Complete Biology for Cambridge IGCSE Teacher Resource Pack (ISBN: 9780198308751)

Complete Biology for Cambridge IGCSE Teacher Resource Pack (ISBN: 9780198308751)
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  • Support exam confidence – sample exam papers and class tests help students approach assessment with confidence.
  • Plan outstanding lessons – includes lesson ideas and planning advice from examiners and experienced teachers.
  • Save time with ready-to-use lesson plans for some of the trickiest topics.
  • Make it relevant -customizable practical activities and worksheets are ideal for the classroom, or independent study.
  • Bring science to life – animations and PowerPoints help to explain key concepts, and bring the subject to life in your classroom.
  • Student Book, Revision Guide and Oxford Kerboodle Online Practice and Assessment also available.

Table of Contents

Practical activities
Microscopes and how to use them
Making microscope slides
Looking at cells
Measuring cells
The response of small invertebrates to moisture
Making a key
Food tests
Factors affecting the activity of catalase
Measuring the energy values of foods
Photosynthesis and oxygen
Chlorophyll and photosynthesis
Light, carbon dioxide, and photosynthesis
Evolution by natural selection
Transport tissue in plants
Measuring transpiration
Demonstrating respiration
Pulse and breathing rates
Measuring your fitness level
Strength and muscle fatigue
Measuring respiration
A model for breathing movements
The ribs and intercostal muscles
Anaerobic respiration
Lung volume
The functions of perspiration
Heat loss from a model body
Skin and sensitivity
Measuring the speed of reflexes
Antagonistic muscles at the elbow
Muscles and tendons
Eyes and vision
Investigation of phototropism in cereal seedlings
The structure of flowers
Conditions for germination of seeds
Germination and growth
A model for genetics
Looking at variation
Human variation
Decomposition of cellulose by bacteria
The effects of soap and pH on bacteria
Ecology – studying populations
Handling experimental observations and data: estimating the size of a population
Browning of apples and pH
Investigating fermentation
Investigating artificial meat
How safe to refrigerate?
Light and photosynthesis
Investigating plants and soil acidity
Improving garden soil
The effect of mineral deficiency on the growth of seedlings
Transpiration through leaves
Investigating respiration rates
Fitness and lung volume


Cambridge - IGCSE
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Complete Biology for Cambridge IGCSE Teacher Resource Pack (ISBN: 9780198308751)
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