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CLiPtec THERIUS Gaming Mouse Mat RGY358

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  • Low Surface Friction
  • RoughSurface Texture
  • Stable and Rigid Base
  • Anti-Fray Edges
  • Strong, Multi-Layer Construction
Product Information

Size (length*width*height): 6cm x 6cm x 40cm

What's in the box:

CLiPtec THERIUS Gaming Mouse Mat-RGY358 (Black)

TheCLiPtecTHERIUSSeries GamingMouse Matsare made of high-quality rough surface texturepolyester fabric material, providing create a sensation of your mouse moments. All mouse mats feature a specially designed stable and rigid non-slip natural rubber base which prevents the pads from sliding, no matter what surface the mouse mat is placed on. Its special reinforced edge guide again surface peeling for anti-frag performance.The THERIUS gaming mouse mats come in three different sizes, from small enough to roll up and fit in your pocket to extended which also provides support under your gaming keyboard.

  • Low Surface Friction
    The soft surface is ideal for high-DPI gaming, allowing you to perform even the smallest movements with lightning speed and precision.
  • RoughSurface Texture
    The rough surfaces to create a sensation of resistance to your mouse moments.
  • Stable and Rigid Base
    The rubber base keeps the pad in place so even the most subtle cursor movements won't be disrupted by a shifting tracking surface.
  • Anti-Fray Edges
    Special reinforced edge guide against surface peeling.
  • Strong, Multi-Layer Construction
    With a soft fabric tracking surface and a rigid rubber base, this mouse pad is built to stand up to hardcode gaming action.

Control Type
CLiPtec mouse mats that are Control type have rough surfaces to your mouse movements. This is important as the friction of the textured surface offsets the energy you exert to move the mouse, ensuring precise minute movements. Control-type mats suit gamers who need absolute precision to hit targets exactly where they need to.

Model RGY358
Model Name Therius-L (Large)
Surface Type Control Type
Mat Dimension 445mm x 355mm
Mat Thickness 4mm
Surface Material Pique Fabric
Based Material Natural Rubber
Edge Finished Anti-Fray Edge
Weight KG 300g
CLiPtec THERIUS Gaming Mouse Mat RGY358
CLiPtec THERIUS Gaming Mouse Mat RGY358
CLiPtec THERIUS Gaming Mouse Mat RGY358
CLiPtec THERIUS Gaming Mouse Mat RGY358
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