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Classic Earl Grey Tea

Classic Earl Grey Tea
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Product Information

*Classic Earl Grey Tea 60g*

Flavored tea a famous tea in the world. Our blend tea is from Sri Lanka grade Flowery Broken Orange Pekoe. Classis Earl Grey Tea blend of fine black tea with bergamot lemon scented aroma and tatste good.

Our blend teas origin from Sri Lanka. This is traditional black tea meets with lemon

bergamot to deliver unique and delicious blends.

Classis Earl Grey tea its distinct flavor, aroma, and strength taste. Black tea is generally used for breakfast or afternoon tea. Add some sugar or milk to your tea to match your food for your good day!

Brewing Instructions;

  1. Heat the water. Place the water in a tea kettle and heat it just to a rolling boil, or between 90 C° and 212°F.
  2. Measure the tea leaves. Using a scale, measure 2 to 3 grams of tea leaves. Alternatively, measure 1 rounded teaspoon of tea leaves.
  3. Place the leaves in the teapot or cup. Place the tea leaves in the pot or cup, either directly or in an infuser.
  4. Pour the water. Pour the water over the tea leaves.
  5. Cover the teapot or cup. Place the lid on the teapot or, if using a cup, cover it with a lid or a small saucer.
  6. Steep the tea. Set a timer for 3 to 5 minutes. You may wish to taste the tea at 3 minutes and then every 30 seconds until it is to your liking.
  7. Stop the infusion. As soon as the tea is ready, remove the leaves by lifting out the infuser or pouring the tea through a strainer.
  8. Add milk, lemon, or sweetener (optional). If using milk, heat it gradually by adding the milk to the cup first, then pouring in the tea. Avoid combining milk and lemon, or the milk may curdle.

Product Information

Content 60grams Loose Tea
Packaging Aluminium pack and Aluminium Tin
Origin Sri Lanka

Classic Earl Grey Tea
Classic Earl Grey Tea
Classic Earl Grey Tea
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