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City Innovation Systems

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9789832344223 – City Innovation Systems
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Case Studies on Urban Innovations in KL

Authors: Aniza Abdul Aziz; Faizah Ahmad; Ibrahim Mohd; K. Thiruchelvam; Md Nasir Daud; Nila Inangda; Noor Rosly Hanif; Norhaslina Hassan; Safiah Muhammad Yusoff; Wong Chan-Yuan
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This book provides an insightful account on three case studies on urban innovations covering city redevelopment, housing and governance in Kuala Lumpur. It details the innovative aspects of city redevelopment, provision of city housing and a new organizational mechanism to expedite processing of applications for property development. The book asserts that city revitalization is not only about the clever use of technologies but, more importantly, it must actively engage all parties through innovative approaches in crafting, implementing and improving policies and programmes for the benefit of the community. For this partnership mode of governance to happen, a responsive leadership that is open to new ideas and experimentation is vital. I applaud the authors for this commendable research and for highlighting the importance of innovation in addressing urban problems.

Dr Apiwat Ratanawaraha
Chulalongkorn University

The three case studies underscore the importance of openness towards new approaches; political commitment; sustained leadership; competency in integration, negotiation and forging trust; and constant monitoring and evaluation. A consistent theme emerging from the three case studies is the importance of leadership particularly at the city authority. Without such leadership, the innovations that are described in this book will not have been developed in the first place.
City Innovation Systems
City Innovation Systems
City Innovation Systems
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