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Chantel No.14 Divine Extract

Chantel No.14 Divine Extract
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Chantel No.14 Divine Extract
Chantel No.14 Divine Extract
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Product Information

Chantel No.14 Divine Extract
Rejuvenates tired skin to restore new skin
Natural Treatment
Brighter and smoother complexion

Ideal for anti-aging effects, soften fine lines, lightens skin, reduces pore size, improves complexion, evens out skin tone and helps to lighten skin irregularities, antibacterial properties and hyper pigmentation.

Proven Benefits

  • Natunal exfoliant

  • Improves oily skin

  • Removes dead old skin & impurities

  • Clear congested skin pores

  • Excellent treatment for pimple & acne

  • Discourage future acne forma tion

  • Stimulate cell renewal

  • Enhances effectiv eness of skin care treatment

  • Gentle. Most skin types. Optimal results. Safe

Recommended for

Dry / Mature/ Oily to very Oily / Normal / Acne / Blemishes Skin

No14 Divine Extract Introduction

Why do we need Chantel No 14 Divine Extract?

Divine Extract is a natural treatment blend of anti-oxidants, skin hydrators, alpha-hydroxy acids and skin conditioners. It is extracted from natural bitter almond. The product is designed to give you clearer, brighter and smoother complexion. It exfoliates the surface layers skin, and stimulates cell renewal in the base layers without causing excessive surface skin peeling, ridding the pores of debris, bacteria and dead skin cells that may cause blemishes.

Divine Extract effectively softens fine lines and wrinkles and brightens skin. It is a large-form molecule that takes longer for the skin to absorb, which allows for a more even and gentle result.

Usually acne or pimples are caused by the clogged sebaceous glands and bacteria resulting in inflammation of hair follicles. Divine Extract can overcome this problem by penetrating the sebaceous glands and dissolve grease blockage until the pores are clean and restore excretory function. It helps to prevent the formation of skin blemishes and slow down skin aging.

Other skin exfoliation product can only remove the surface layer of the skin. In fact poor quality skin exfoliation product may cause damage to the skin resulting in sensitive and troubled skin. Divine Extract can safely and effectively improves the skin metabolism to achieve brighter and smoother skin.

Furthermore, the pure glass bottle used for storing Divine Extract can preserve its stability and effectiveness.

Chantel No.14 Divine Extract
Chantel No.14 Divine Extract
Chantel No.14 Divine Extract
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