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Certainty Disposable Adult Diapers L10 (10pcs/bag)

Certainty Disposable Adult Diapers L10 (10pcs/bag)
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  • Incontinence/geriatric care
  • Postmaternity care
  • Postsurgery care
  • Hospital setting/home care/travel
  • Patient who suffers from medical complication
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Product Information

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  • 1x Certainty Disposable Adult Diapers L10

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Discover Our Tape

Our products are meticulously designed in simultaneously meeting two goals: absorbency and self-confidence. 

Find out the advanced solution for incontinence.Certainty
ensure best love and care for your loved ones by providing the best protection for their needs. The Adult Diaper range comes with its Anti-bacterial function that helps to minimise bacteria growth and reduces skin infection. 

1. 3D Diamond Dry Layer / 3D Diamond

  • Helps to speedily drive absorption throughout the pad and prevent backflow. 

2. Super Absorbent Polybeads

  • Provides superior absorbency, retaining urine and locking away wetness. 

3. Refastenable Frontal Patch

  • Quick absorption and backflow prevention.

4. Soft Skin Touch and Contoured Body Fit

  • Especially shaped and designed for soft and good body fit for lasting comfort.

5. Leak Guards

  • Gently hug the thighs and provide maximum protection against side leakage.

6. Wetness Indicator

  • Fades away when the diaper is wet and ready for change.


Available size 

Soft and long-lasting comfort

  • M (29”-46” or 74-117cm) 
  • L (40”-55” or 102-140cm)


Recommended Usage 

• Incontinence/geriatric care 

Postmaternity care 

Postsurgery care 

• Hospital setting/home care/travel 

• Patient who suffers from medical complication



Certainty: Effective care and protection

Certainty is a co-brand of the Thailand-based company, DSG International. It is headquartered in Bangkok and manufactures baby and adult diapers in Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Singapore. Certainty is a very well-known and established brand which manufactures and sells disposable adult diapers such as day pants and adult tape value. They believe in continuous innovation and bringing in new ideas for the comfort of consumers. Their goal is to meet the consumer demands, understand their insights and develop products of international standards.



Why prefer the products of Certainty?

  • Multi-purpose:-Certainty disposable adult diapers are useful when a person cannot keep voluntary control over urination and defecation due to which they are not able to move freely. These diapers are also used for absorbing the fluids after surgery and maternity. They are also useful for the patients with other medical issues. The adult day pants of Certainty come with the anti-odor feature which helps in minimising the foul smell to a great extent.
  • Comfortable:-Certainty day pants are made of breathable textures and soft materials to provide maximum comfort to the user. Their waistbands are also stretchable, soft and do not leave any marks on the body. The double absorbent pads, dry layers and leak guard prevention feature of the day pants avoids wet and itchy feeling. Also, the value packs are crafted and modified to fit the body perfectly to prevent any inconvenience due to irregular fitting.
  • Reasonable:-Certainty adult diapers are high-quality and reasonably priced which make them worth buying. They prove to be a great help and relief for ageing people.


Certainty Disposable Adult Diapers L10 (10pcs/bag)
Certainty Disposable Adult Diapers L10 (10pcs/bag)
Certainty Disposable Adult Diapers L10 (10pcs/bag)
Certainty Disposable Adult Diapers L10 (10pcs/bag)
Certainty Disposable Adult Diapers L10 (10pcs/bag)
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