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C’lesterol Oat Mix 400g

C’lesterol Oat Mix 400g
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Product Information

Size (length*width*height): 15cm x 15cm x 15cm

Origin: Local

Expiry Date: Between 9 to 15 months

Certifications: Halal Certified

💚Healthy Oats mixed meal, 100% Organic & Natural ingredients from various Countries
💚We care for our Cholesterol level! Rich in Fiber, Minerals & Antioxidant
💚Controls blood pressure, Balancing good/bad cholesterol level
💚Ready to eat with hot water or milk, up to 11 Servings
💚KKM Mesti certified, Jakim Halal certified, Australia NASAA organic certified

Shelf Life: 1 year from production date

* Organic Quick Rolled Oat – Product of Finland (Certified Organic by Evira)
* Organic Oat Bran – Product of Finland (Certified Organic by Evira)
* Organic Chia Seeds – Product of Bolivia (Certified Organic by USDA)
* Organic Pumpkin Kernel – Product of China (Certified Organic by Oko-Garantie Germany)

Organic Quick Rolled Oat – Rich in vitamins and minerals, as well as increasing antioxidant levels. Helpful in removing cholesterol in the digestive system.

Organic Oat Bran – Rich in soluble fibre (beta-glucan), essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Enhance the nutritional values of the diets.

Chia Seeds – Help reduce cholesterol level.

Organic Pumpkin Kernel – Reduce cholesterol levels, enhance immune response and decrease blood pressure.

Tips / Usage:
* Store in a dry sealed container and place.
* Add in hot water or hot milk and stir. You can always add in some healthy flavourings (maple syrup / brown sugar/honey…) to make it tastier. Do add in some toppings (Love Earth dried Fruit/nuts) to make it more nutritious!
C’lesterol Oat Mix 400g
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