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Car - Polymer Sealant+

Car - Polymer Sealant+
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*Maintains Gloss Effect

*No More Waxing & Buffing

*Protects Clear Coat & Paint

*Just wash, Spray On, and Wipe Instantly!

*Water Repelling for Easy Maintenance

Nofity me when ...
price drops.
Product Information

What's in the box:

1 X 500ml Polymer Sealant+



To Protect and Preserve Your Clear Coat of Your Car - apply with every car wash or bring along to the Car Wash! 

Directions for Use:

1. Wash car with car shampoo, ensuring no dirt or oil residue remains. For stubbon stains, use car polish or suitable cleaner.

2. Rinse car well with water.

3. Shake bottle well with water. Either in wet or dry condition, spray on the painted car bodysurface only. Wipe off instantly after spray so that there is no whitish residue and for better glossy look. 

4. Work on small sections at a time. 

5. Leave it to dry. Do not wax. Do not spray on glass, headlamps or tyre. In the event there are visible stains after dry, use damp cloth to wipe off. 


Each application adds to the protective polymer layer. For the best effect 

*reapply after each car wash

*use mild car shampoo when washing, to better maintain the protective layer 


Car - Polymer Sealant+
Car - Polymer Sealant+
Car - Polymer Sealant+
Car - Polymer Sealant+
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ZoneWeightDelivery Fee (RM)
Peninsular MalaysiaFirst 1.00 kg6.00
Peninsular MalaysiaAdditional 3.00 kg4.00
Peninsular MalaysiaAdditional 3.00 kg5.00
Peninsular MalaysiaAdditional 1.00 kg3.00
Peninsular MalaysiaAdditional 2.00 kg2.00
SabahFirst 0.50 kg10.00
SabahAdditional 0.25 kg2.00
SabahAdditional 0.25 kg3.00
SabahAdditional 0.50 kg5.00
SabahAdditional 0.50 kg5.00
SabahAdditional 1.00 kg21.00
SarawakFirst 0.50 kg9.00
SarawakAdditional 0.25 kg2.00
SarawakAdditional 0.25 kg2.00
SarawakAdditional 0.50 kg4.00
SarawakAdditional 0.50 kg4.00
SarawakAdditional 1.00 kg18.00


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