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Breeze Powder Colour Care 3.6kg

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Breeze powder detergent eliminates the need for long soaking, heavy scrubbing, and excessive bleaching. This formula effectively removes stubborn stains and eliminates unpleasant odors, while maintaining the color and quality of your clothes, and being gentle on your hands. Breeze Colour Care effectively removes stubborn stains in 1 step, while providing complete care for your coloured clothes by keeping them bright and shiny with fresh fragrance. Keep your coloured clothing bright after multiple washes. 5 total signs of complete care for coloured clothes: 1. Clean and stain free 2. Shiny bright colours 3. Fresh and clean smell 4.Clean like new 5. Helps keep colour from fading Usage: 1. Separate white and coloured clothes for washing 2. Use 1 cup of powder for a full 3kg load of clothes. Adjust powder usage according to amount of clothes and type of laundry stains. 3. For extra softness and freshness, use Comfort in your last rinse
Breeze Powder Colour Care 3.6kg
Breeze Powder Colour Care 3.6kg
Breeze Powder Colour Care 3.6kg
Breeze Powder Colour Care 3.6kg
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