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Bonex FR911 Portable Bag

Bonex FR911 Portable Bag
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FR911 FLAMEOUT (US trade name FR911) is a revolution of the technologies that led to the success of its predecessor, the SAT119. FR911 FLAMEOUT is designed to quell Class A (Combustibles), B (Flammable liquids) and C (Gases) type initial fires quickly, safely and effectively, all the while maintaining its extreme ease of use.

The result of many years of heavy research and development, FR911 FLAMEOUT carries advance features with wider applications; from households, schools and commercial buildings to fire fighters for path clearance and riot police as an emergency response tool for burning cars or barricades.

How does FR911 FLAMEOUT (US trade name FR911) work?

The FR911 FLAMEOUT(United State trade name FR911) extinguishing agent is released into the atmosphere when the ampoule is thrown into the fire. The heat from the fire will evaporate the extinguishing agent and ta chemical reaction takes place. It releases certain amount of carbon dioxide that will suffocate the fire, thus extinguishing it. The chemical reaction also releases a cooling agent that cools down the temperature of the burning material and yet another chemical foams over the area to prevent the fire from smouldering and reigniting. The chemical reaction lasts only a few seconds and is very effective for putting out initial fires.

Bonex FR911 Portable Bag
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