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Bioaqua Waterproof Sunscreen 80ml

Bioaqua Waterproof Sunscreen 80ml
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Size (length*width*height): 3cm x 3cm x 15cm

Formulation: Cream

Skin Concerns: All Types

Sun Protection: < SPF 30

Skin Type: All Types

DESCRIPTION Features: 1. Protect skin from UVA and UVB rays, avoid sunburn skin tanning. 2. Concealer, brighten and whiten the complexion. 3. Waterproof, mild and does not clog pores. Description: Item Type: Suncreen Cream Brand: BIOAOUA Specification: 80ml SPF: SPF30+ Shelf Life: 3 years Suitable Skin: All Skin(Sensitive skin, please test it in your hand first before use.) Main Ingredients: Water, aloe extract, seaweed sugar, ginseng extract, hydrolyzed pearl, bearberry Gan, glycerol, propylene glycol, hyaluronic acid. This Summer You love it Skin full of water 1 Sun block & Isolation Sun Block SPF30, Isolating UVB effectively, Sun block safely without Sun-burnt 2 Prevent Sweat & Water Good effect of waterproof, easy to be sweaty in summer ,no need to worry for swimming girls. 3 Makeup lightly Makeup lightly and deeply, whitening skin 4 Nourishing & Hydrating Nourishing and repairing skin, Sun block and Moisturizing ,skin is tender and bright Efficacy Care tender skin, warm, fresh and light, bring safe and comfortable sun-block. Application All skin Why Sun block often, still dark often? Sun block is prevent the UV from hurting the skin. Red unnormal after-sun Dark skin Damaged skin Big pores Do you really know how to block sun? Sun block misunderstanding Three misunderstandings in daily sun block No1 Indoor, No Sunscreen UVA can pierces skin, hurt skin. No2 Cloudy day, the Harms of UV are small ! Cloud can’t prevent UV, it can pierce cloud. No3 Go out with Sunscreen, the skin will be safe all day ! In summer, easy to be sweaty and wash out the sunscreen, so smear sunscreen every 2 hours, especially under strong sunshine, need to smear every 30-90 minutes Method of use After essential skincare, smear this product on face, neck or other places need to sun block. Warm Prompt For Spray or Gel, should be smeared for 15 mins before going outdoor. For Lotion, smear it for 30 mins before going outdoor.( Go swimming, smear it every 2-3 hours !) ​ - Sunscreen SPF30 - Waterproof - Moisturizing & Nourishing - Thin concealer - Protect skin from UVA and UVB rays - Avoid sunburn skin tanning
Bioaqua Waterproof Sunscreen 80ml
Bioaqua Waterproof Sunscreen 80ml
Bioaqua Waterproof Sunscreen 80ml
Bioaqua Waterproof Sunscreen 80ml
Bioaqua Waterproof Sunscreen 80ml
Bioaqua Waterproof Sunscreen 80ml
Bioaqua Waterproof Sunscreen 80ml
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