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BiO-LiFE Bio-Zinc Complex 30s

BiO-LiFE Bio-Zinc Complex 30s
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Product Information
  • As a nutritional supplement. Combining the essential mineral zinc with additional benefits of vitamin C.
  • - Improves your immune system
  • - Improves sperm count in men
  • - Strengthens hair roots and nails


As a nutritional supplement. Combining the essential mineral zinc with additional benefits of vitamin C.


Adult: One tablet daily or as professionally recommended.

Children (6-12 yrs): One tablet every other day with food or as professionally recommended.

Contra-Indications/ Caution

None known

This formula combines Vitamin C & Zinc. Vitamin C is easily destroyed by oxygen. Do not open and close the packaging bottle too frequently. If a large pack size is purchased, always dispense tablets for a month's usage into a smaller bottle and cap them tightly after use.

Why do apples discolour with time upon cutting? It discolours for the same reason which is oxidation in the presence of oxygen.

Suitable for vegetarians.

Zinc importance to the Pregnancy Couples Who Want ...

For the husband ..

> Got Sperm Maturity: Zinc is essential in the formation of the outer membrane and the sperm tail. Without it, the sperm can not mature to a level that gives them mobility and strength to make the long journey through the vagina, cervix and into the uterus for fertilization occurs.

> Changes in chromosome: low levels of zinc may also be a cause of chromosomal defects in sperm can cause a miscarriage even if fertilization and implantation has occurred.

For the Wives ..

> Production of eggs: a woman's body needs a certain amount of zinc to produce mature eggs for fertilization

> Maintain the correct level of follicular fluid without enough liquid in the follicle, the egg can not travel through this special fallopian tubes and into the uterus for implantation.

> The balance of hormones: Zinc is one of the minerals that the body uses to maintain the level of hormones (such as estrogen, progesterone and testosterone) levels stable throughout the entire menstrual cycle. It is particularly important in stage 2 and 4 cycles of women.

Low zinc levels have been linked directly to a miscarriage in early pregnancy, according to The Center for Disease Control reports Reproductive Technology that tracks fertility study reports the results of which are administered throughout the country.

TIPS: Akk2 of fibroids that can take 30 mg of zinc per day to shrink the fibroids by using a cream FURMON ..

Each Tablet Contains
Elemental Zink 15mg, Ascorbic Acid 250mg


BiO-LiFE Bio-Zinc Complex 30s
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