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Bicycle Mountain Bike Chain Cleaner Machine

Bicycle Mountain Bike Chain Cleaner Machine
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Bicycle Mountain Bike Chain Cleaner Machine
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Product Information
  • 3D rotating brush, multi-angle stereoscopic clean.
  • convenient cleaning chain.
  • Save cleaning solution (such as kerosene, diesel oil can precipitate before use), more environmentally friendly.

Product parameters

  • Weight: about 210 grams
  • Size: 165 * 30 * 100MM (excluding the handle)
  • Material: high-quality original transparent ABS
  • Packaging: Blister original hanging card installed
  • Color: Transparent Blue

Tip: When cleaning the chain, use kerosene / diesel is the best, then washing detergent diluted with a class of cleaning the chain, the chain to be dry before the oil chain maintenance

can be poure some Gasoline or diesel fuel , then put the chain into it, close the lid, turn the chain until the chain clean!

also can add some detergent mixed with water, wash the chain once again, washing the chain with a dry cloth wiped dry, lastly, it will be just as clean chain necklace.

Then can not forget the most important step, must be on the chain oil Oh, otherwise the chain after a few days the chain will turn torust!

p/s: Good lubrication will make your entire drive system to maintain long-term efficient operation!


Bicycle Mountain Bike Chain Cleaner Machine
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