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BFH 2000 total ride performance system

BFH 2000 total ride performance system
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Rim centre bore diameter (mm) 43 - 116
Shaft diameter (mm) 40
Measuring speed (rpm) 200
Display / MonitorTFT Monitor (Inch)19
Rim width (Inch)3 - 20
Rim diameter (Inch)15 - 30
Wheel width max. (mm)508
Wheel diameter max. (mm)1118
Wheel weight max. (kg)70
Input of distance machine / rim flangenon-contact / scanner
Input of rim diameternon-contact / scanner
Input of rim widthnon-contact / scanner
Power supply (V/Hz)200-240 VAC 1 ph 50/60Hz

Dimensions - Width (mm)1220
Dimensions - Depth (mm)1540
Dimensions - Height (mm)1630
Machine weight (kg)190
Noise level (dB (A))<70

The BFH 1000 is an intelligent machine. It captures a 3- dimensional image of the tire/wheel assembly. That image information is matched to a stored database of rimprofiles. In mere seconds, it diagnoses nonconformity issues with the entire tire/wheel assembly as well as with the tire and wheel independently. A simple-to-navigate graphics-driven user interface guides the operator through the process and indicates the best action based on wheel types and diagnostic readings. The BFH 1000’s non-contact measurement system improves confidence by eliminating error potential and improving accuracy.

This bridges the gap between technician knowledge and vehicle technology–saving you the expense of frequent and costly training. You may think the BFH 1000 is more than you need. Think again. Vehicles and their technologies are becoming more complicated. Tires and wheels are moving further from typical specs. And finally, customers are investing heavily in style and ride quality. The BFH 1000 will solve these issues and create revenue for your shop.

For maximum ride performance, the BFH 1000 performs both wheel balance and tire/wheel diagnostics. In just a few seconds, the BFH 1000 will diagnose the entire wheel assembly and show you any non-conformity issues which might exist. The easy-to-read display states what percentage of any problem can be attributed to the wheel or the tire, as well as suggestions for tire and wheel compatibility. Instant Tire And Wheel Diagnostics The BFH 1000 features a graphics-driven user interface, supplying all information required for the tire and wheel. A percentage-based indication of reduction of the unbalance force due to runout tells clearly if the tire and wheel needs to be matched. It also displays a proposed matching solution. In addition to being a convenient feature, this can alert you to any potential tire damage. Amazingly, this information is provided in a virtual instant, easily making the BFH 1000 the fastest diagnostic ride performance system on the market.

The BFH 1000 incorporates advanced Virtual Plane Imaging (VPI) technology to assure unparalleled speed, accuracy, durability and ease of use in diagnosing and solving even the most difficult tire/wheel vibration problems. Patented VPI technology assists you in solving vibration problems before they cause a customer complaint. This diagnostic capability comes to your shop with no penalty in technician productivity. The BFH 1000 is fast, easy to operate, and exceptionally accurate for both simple and complex balancing jobs. Hands Down Easiest To Use: On-screen prompts and intuitive programming elevates the technician to the expert level. Regardless of the complexity of the vibration problem, the BFH 1000 guides the technician to the absolute solution and to a satisfied customer. Unmatched Speed: Fastest floor-to-floor time in the industry. Perform a complete diagnostic check on every balance without a productivity loss. Unparalleled Accuracy: Unique front-mounted "side-byside" piezo system. Competitive balancers use two shaft sensors placed on the left side with the wheel at the far right, putting sensors under different stress and temperatures (since one sensor is always closer to the motor, etc). As done in high-precision, industrial applications, VPI places the tire electronically between the sensor piezo assemblies for unparalleled accuracy. Best-In-Class Durability: Designed by a team that has a history of producing the best balancers in the industry. VPI technology adds durability to a balancing system with a proven track record of long service.

Power supply: 230 Volts, single phase / 50 / 60 Hz
Range of diameter centering cone: 3 cones: 43–116 mm
Length of shaft: 190 mm
Diameter of shaft: 40 mm
Measuring speed: 200 rpm
Balancing accuracy: 1g
Scanner accuracy: 0.1 mm
Rim width (dynamic balancing): 3 - 20”
Rim diameter: 8 - 30”
Max. wheel width: 530 mm
Max. wheel diameter: 1117 mm
Max. wheel weight: 75 kg
Kind of data entry for DISTANCE: Automatic, non-touch
Kind of data entry for DIAMETER: Automatic, non-touch
Kind of data entry for WIDTH: Automatic, non-touch
Dimensions H x W x D (Machine only wheel hood open): 1625 mm x 1625 mm x 1625 mm
Weight: 250 kg
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Power Supply 220 - 240V, 1 Ph, 50/60 Hz
Display LED, normal read-out, left & right, parameter indicators
Centering Cones Diameter Range 3 cones, 48 - 128 mm
Shaft Diameter 40 mm
Motor 220W, Belt-driven, Controlled Constant speed
Accuracy 3g
Measuring Speed 200 rpm
Measuring Time 6 - 10 s
Rim Width (Dynamic Balancing) 1 - 16” (3 - 16”)
Maximum Wheel Width 500 mm
Rim Diameter 12 - 22”
Maximum Wheel Diameter 1,016 mm (880 mm with wheel guard)
Balancing Mode Dynamic, Static, 5 ALU Modes
Data Entry Manual
Maximum Wheel Weight 65 kg

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