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Battlefield 4 Offline with DVD [PC Games]

Battlefield 4 Offline with DVD [PC Games]
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Battlefield 4 Offline with DVD [PC Games]
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17cm x 20cm x 1cm

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“Battlefield 4” is a first-person shooter developed by Swedish EA DICE. This studio brought previous installments of the “Battlefield” series and a few other titles (such as “Mirror's Edge” or “Pinball Dreams”). DICE is known for great games, but also for advanced graphics engines (Frostbite).

The core feature of “Battlefield 4” is its multiplayer mode, but the game includes solo campaign as well. The action takes place in 2020. You play as Recke, a member of the U.S. special unit called Tombstone. Other members of the unit: Sergeant Dunn, a guy called Irish, medic Pac and Ruger. Irish is voiced by Michael K. Williams, i.e. Omar Little in “The Wire”. The campaign takes you to the People’s Republic of China. Your goal is to save a few VIPs kept in Shanghai. Due to some serious political friction between Russia, the United States and China, the task is not that easy and leads to a global conflict.

The campaign includes several missions taking place in different locations. Developers have tried to diversify the gameplay by introducing missions with vehicles and dynamic scenes (e.g. running away from a helicopter). Players can choose their equipment and sometimes there are given the impression of having any freedom. In fact, the game is fairly linear and scripted. The only tactical element is a simple attack command given to your companions.

Recommended: Core i5 3.0 GHz, 8 GB RAM, graphic card 3 GB (GeForce GTX 660 or better), 30 GB HDD, Windows Vista(SP2)/7/8

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Battlefield 4 Offline with DVD [PC Games]
Battlefield 4 Offline with DVD [PC Games]
Battlefield 4 Offline with DVD [PC Games]
Battlefield 4 Offline with DVD [PC Games]
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