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Baby Girl Full Moon Fruits Gift

Baby Girl Full Moon Fruits Gift
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Product Information
  • Our fruits gift will be delivering from Tuesday till Saturday, between 8am - 2pm.
  • Please pre-order the fruits gift in advanced by referring below schedule chart as we don't keep stocks in order to get fresher fruits. You may order 1 week in advanced and remark your prefer date (Tuesday-Saturday only and except Public Holiday/State Holiday depends your delivery area) to be delivered. For example, if Johor Bahru, Penang or Selangor holiday then courier service will not working on that particular state holiday too.
  • Customer Order We send to TAQBIN courier service The Arrival of the fruits gift
    Monday Wednesday Thursday
    Tuesday Thursday Friday
    Wednesday Friday Saturday
    Thursday Monday Tuesday
    Friday Monday Tuesday
    Saturday Tuesday Wednesday
    Sunday Tuesday Wednesday
  • This package will consist of 6 types of imported fruits which are apple, orange, pear, green kiwi, strawberry and blueberry to create the colorful design.
  • Please remark what kind of stick or board you want to put, it could be Thank you stick, Happy Birthday stick, Get Well Soon blackboard or none
  • The gift box size is 38cm L x 27.5cm W x 10cm H
  • Please remark to us if any message note [not more than 70 words please]
  • The fruits quantities are range from 15 to 20 pcs depends on sizes, when fruits are bigger in sizes then the quantities will be lesser however when fruits are smaller in sizes then the quantities will be more. The value will be almost similar as bigger fruits will be more expensive.
  • We will only collect the fruits 1-2 days from importer before the delivery date. We also will check each piece of the fruits before we do the wrapping. Once after wrapping, we deliver to courier with chilled service and they will send the fruit gift on next day. The chilled service will keep the fruits fresh and cool.
  • We ensure the fruits are fresh to be delivered. If customer found any rotten fruits please record a video together with fruits gift box and send to us within 8 hours after collected from courier service, we will investigate first and we shall compensate according to the situation if we are the caused. Please keep the fruits in the fridge (NOT freezer please) once after collected from courier service. We shall not bear the consequence if the fruits are rotten because of the heat as sensitive fruits should be keep in fridge to keep cool and fresh.
Baby Girl Full Moon Fruits Gift
Baby Girl Full Moon Fruits Gift
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