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Baby Bear Body Temperature Smart tracker pink

Baby Bear Body Temperature Smart tracker pink
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Product Information

Babybear is a small private butler for your baby.

Body Temperature Smart Tracker is linked up with mobile phone APP program.

Concerns about your baby at all time.

24H recording of the babys body temperature changes.

Records the body temperature changes every moment attentively

Masters the childs dynamic movement at all time!

Let you express your love in an another fashion.

Fever is usually a lengthy process of unstable body temperature changes. If parents have discovered the abnormal condition of the baby in daytime, they would attend the baby from time to time. What worries them most is when high fever attacks the baby at midnight when they are resting, thus omitting them to give timely care and allowing the baby to suffer the agony.

This is how Smart Babybear Bangle has come into being, allowing the baby to wear it in the event of a fever symptom. The Babybear will perform 24-hour monitoring on the babys body temperature changes, and give timely reminders to parents when the baby has a fever.

1 .Instant temperature monitoring

2. Timely warning information to remind the user

3. 24-hour monitoring Critical information, easy to grasp

4. Keeps temperature history

BabyBear records the temperature curve during the usage period. It can also be used to explain the condition by adding text and photographs.

New parents, dont know how to dress the baby?

By using the temperature curve for reference, youll know when to add clothes to the baby.

5 .24 hours monitoring

Only a single start up operation will allow it to perform 24 hours of continuous monitoring of the babys body temperature

6.Timely reminder

The Babybear will take initiative move to remind parents at the critical time, allowing them to work and rest at ease without neglecting the critical point of babys fever.

7.Accurate temperature measuring

The Babybear is incorporated with the latest technology with a temperature resolution of ±0.1, some temperatures of which can only be detected by the Babybear!

8.Accurate recording



Buckle-up design

Adhesive tape

if it is affixed too tight, it will hurt the skin; if it is affixed loosely, it will easily fall off.

Rubber band

if it is strapped too tight, it will leave a strangle mark.

One-step installation and adjustable

The Babybear with buckle-up design: One-step installation and adjustable. Conventional models require the baby to undress before putting them on. To avoid intensifying the babys fever caused by prolonged body exposure to the open, a bangle type was thus designed to offer simple one-step installation, and it is flexible to adapt the baby's hand size. The inverse buckle-up manner is not easy to fall off.

European and American medical grade Silicone

non-toxic, hypoallergenic, super soft

Medical stainless steel



Environmental PC

non-toxic, hypoallergenic

*NCC low power radio frequency certification

*SGS Stainless steel test report

*SGS silicone test report

*Skin sensitization test report

*Skin irritation test report

*Cytotoxicity test report

Place the highly sensitive temperature sensors under the armpit.

Place your ring finger inside the cuff to reduce pressure on the baby's skin when wearing it.

Thumb snap tight to complete.

Have peace of mind that the BabyBear is taking care of your baby

Turn on:

Activate the Bluetooth function on the phone to turn on the BabyBear app.

Press the power button for two seconds until you hear two beeps.

The app will link automatically (no need to match the code).

Shut down:

BabyBear can be shut down automatically by using your smart phone

Method 1: quit the app and leave it in the background

Method 2: click on “end the Bluetooth connection on” the app setting page

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