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AVANCÉ Joliet Joliet 2 Way Eyebrow Liquid TInt & Powder

AVANCÉ Joliet Joliet 2 Way Eyebrow Liquid TInt & Powder
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Product Information

Formulation: Liquid

Expiry Date: Normal Expiry

Waterproof: No

Point 1:
Easy! Fail to know with tint type to draw! Dye settled in 6 hours.
Point 2:
'Liquid tint' x 'Fluffy powder' Convenient 2 Way type. Two types of Imadoki eyebrows are completed with one!
Point 3:
Eyelash essence liquid 'Lush Serum series' essence ingredient * 2 formulation. While caring, it is beautiful!

[Natural Brown] Natural dark brown
[Natural Beige] Light brown

■ Self-tanning prescription
A method in which a protein in the horny layer and dihydroxyacetone are combined to develop a brown color. There is no worry that it will deposit as it dyes only the stratum corneum, it gradually becomes thinner and disappears in 2 to 3 days due to skin turnover.
■ Liquid tint with SUPPIN
Anyone can easily make windbrows! Just drawn with self-tanning effect, pigment settled after 6 hours. Also, because it is extremely small, it can be filled up firmly between the eyebrows and eyebrows and the eyebrows and eyebrows, and you can easily draw a natural supin eyebrow. It is also recommended for beginners of Tint.
■ Blurred with powder and fluffy trends on the eyebrows
Adhesiveness to the eyebrow is outstanding as the powder is fluffy and soft and moist! Keeps soft eyebrows for a long time.

How to use:
1. Please reduce the oil and moisture on the surface of the eyebrows with tissue etc. before applying. 2. Please draw a line with liquid tint according to the shape of your favorite eyebrow. * If it fails please wipe it with a cotton swab before drying. * Since it will be colored in 6 hours, please do not put anything on the eyebrow until it is fixed. * By drawing on a regular basis, you can leave your eyebrows longer. Because the bass is made with Tint, it is easy and short! Just blur and finish with a powder blush where eyebrows are insufficient at makeup!

Our long-selling popular eyelash beauty lotion 'Lush Serum series' essence ingredients (moisturizing ingredients) * 2 formulation. While caring for beautiful eyebrows! * 2 Photosensitive element 301 (quaternium-51), pantothenic acid derivative (panthenyl ethyl)
AVANCÉ Joliet Joliet 2 Way Eyebrow Liquid TInt & Powder
AVANCÉ Joliet Joliet 2 Way Eyebrow Liquid TInt & Powder
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