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Arabic Puzzle Mat

Arabic Puzzle Mat
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Arabic Puzzle Mat
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Product Information

Suitable for kids from age 10 months+
30 Pieces
Assorted colours

Product Size: 620 x 320 x 150mm
Size Per Piece: 32 x 32cm
Thickness: 10mm
Texture: Cross
Condition: New
PVC-Free: Yes
Lead-Free: Yes
Packaging: Shrinkwrapped
Country of Origin: Malaysia

It's universal, and it's powerful: Puzzles have long been a favorite learning toy of kids, moms and educators. Giving children a variety of puzzles enhances their early childhood educational experience both at home and in school.

The Benefits of Puzzles:

  • Cognitive Skills: Puzzles improve a child’s problem solving and reasoning skills. It helps them to see whole-part relationships, increases their visual spacial awareness and depending on the subject matter can teach them a variety of topics like the Alphabet, Numbers, Color recognition, shape recognition, categories like pets or transportation vehicles, and more.
  • Self Correcting Learning Tool: When Children attempt to place a puzzle piece in it’s place it will only fit if it is placed properly in the right space. The act of manipulating each piece, turning it and testing the fit, is the way children learn to problem solve and develop critical thinking.
  • Language Skills: Puzzles offer children an opportunity to develop many language skills. When a child asks for a certain piece they will often describe what they are looking for. For example, the round piece, the blue bumpy piece, etc. Puzzles are often used when working with Autistic children who have delayed speech ability as a playful tool to encourage speech.
  • Math Skills: Puzzles teach children several basic math concepts as well. While working with a puzzle children learn to categorize and organize pieces while doing that they are able to classify and label the pieces as well.
  • Eye-Hand Coordination: Puzzles build eye-hand coordination. The ability to coordinate what the eye sees, the mind wants to do, and what the hands can accomplish takes a lot of practice. Puzzles offer an enjoyable way to practice this skill while encouraging independence.
  • Fine Motor Ability: Puzzles offer a fun way to develop fine motor ability. Children need to develop strength in the muscles in their fingers so that they can grasp things and hold onto them. This will later give them the ability to hold a pencil.
  • Social Skills: Puzzles offer opportunities to expand social skills as well. When children work cooperatively to complete a puzzle they engage in conversation. They develop a plan to solve the puzzle, they take turns and help each other solve problems as they arise.
  • Developing Persistance: When a child works on a puzzle until completion the child is developing persistence. Once the puzzle is solved the child can feel a sense of accomplishment which boosts his independence and self esteem.
  • Adaptable and Abstract Thinking: Children use adaptable thinking and deductive reasoning skills when they find different ways to put the pieces together. They gain the ability to think abstractly when they are able to see negative space, like the space where a puzzle piece may fit, and figure out what type of shape would be needed to fill that space.
  • Spur Imagination and Creativity: Playing with mosaic puzzles encourages imagination and creativity. The colors and shapes of the mosaic pieces serve to stimulate brain cells and encourage prolonged interest when arranging the pieces in endless designs.

Toy Safety

We take safety in fun very seriously. The wonders of children lie in their childlike innocence and insatiable curiosity – characteristics that may also cause harm to their well-being if exposed to toys that fail to meet safety standards.

Children’s toys come in all shapes and sizes, and even with the enforcement and regulations of safety standards, toy-related accidents will still occur. Therefore, parents play an important role in choosing appropriate and safe toys for their children according to their age, whilst having them constantly under their guidance during playtime.

This product is not eligible for warranty.

Arabic Puzzle Mat
Arabic Puzzle Mat
Arabic Puzzle Mat
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