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Ambi Pur InstantMatic Spray Refill Bamboo (250ml x2)

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Product Information
Ambi Pur InstantMatic Automatic Spray fragrances help you take care of the air in your home. 1. Insert Ambi Pur InstantMatic refill into automatic spray dispenser. 2. Ensure that the switch inside the dispenser is turned to 'OFF' position before removing the empty refill can from the dispenser. ● Check that the gear is pushed all the way up as shown in diagram A to ensure that the refill nozzle is correctly fitted into the dispenser. ● If the gear is down as shown in diagram B, push the lever all the way up. 3. Fit in the new refill can. Do not operate the dispenser when nozzle is facing towards you. Ensure that the nozzle faces outward away from your face and eyes. Choose your spray setting and ensure that the nozzle is not facing towards you before activating the device to 8, 15 or 25 minutes. Caution Please read the following instructions carefully before use Avoid contact with skin or eyes. If in eyes, wash out immediately with large amount of water. If irritation persists, contact a doctor. In case of ingestion, seek medical advice immediately. Protect from sunlight and do not expose to temperatures above 50°C. Do not pierce or burn the refill can even when empty after use. Do not spray on naked flame, near fire, sources of heat, live electrical equipment or incandescent material. Do not operate the dispenser when refill can is empty. Keep additional refills in case refill in dispenser runs out. If device does not work or becomes damaged, switch it off and remove batteries. The dispenser contains no serviceable components. Do not attempt to repair it. Keep out of reach of children and pets. Place on flat surface or hang on wall, at least 2 metres from ground.
Ambi Pur InstantMatic Spray Refill Bamboo (250ml x2)
Ambi Pur InstantMatic Spray Refill Bamboo (250ml x2)
Ambi Pur InstantMatic Spray Refill Bamboo (250ml x2)
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