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Al Ejib Air Zam Zam 500ml

Al Ejib Air Zam Zam 500ml
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Size (length*width*height): 18cm x 7cm x 7cm

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1. Word of the Prophet s.a.w ("Zam-Zam water up to what intention to be drink")
2. Air zam-zam water is given grace to Abraham U.S.
3. Zam-zam water that is held as a fair substitute for beverage, food and fruits (substitute thirst and hunger).
4. As the most precious gift (to friends and Muslims).
5. Air zam-zam water is full of blessings and glory.
6. Air zam-zam water to wash away his most precious Muhammad
"Indeed, zam-zam water is full of blessings, the water was filling and can cure the disease"
"If drinking zam-zam water to always pray thee fruitful knowledge, comprehensive provision and given the healing of all diseases"
Al Ejib Air Zam Zam 500ml
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