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Air Plant Tillandsia (Aerantos)

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  • Tillandsia balbisiana air plants, also called as Northern Needleleaf, Platystachys digitate, Tillandsia urbaniana, Tillandsia cubensis, Tillandsia dressleri, is a species of the genus Tillandsia.
  • It is a large epiphyte (can exceed 60 cm) of variable appearance with very short stem, that has 15-30 leaves, leathery, grayish in appearance because of scales, may be reddish; leaves slightly bulbous at base and tapering and curved or twisted at ends.
  • Northern Needleleaf blooms from the more than 20 cm inflorescence. The bracts of the flowering stem resemble leaves and are imbricate. The floral bracts are oval, imbricate, glabrous and red. The flowers are almost sessile, tubular, 4 cm long, mauve/purple color.
  • Tillandsia balbisiana air plants requires good light, even full sun (avoid the afternoon in summer if the plant is young or has not been used).
  • The required temperature ranging from 10 to 32C. Get it early enough in the fall if you grow it outside, so that it does not face night temperatures below 4 or 5 C, especially if it is wet. The plants can faced temperatures close to 0 C (sheltered and dry) for a few hours without damage.
  • Watering:Twice a week in summer, once a week in winter according to the luminosity and the ambient humidity. Obviously when it rains and if you grow it outside, it counts as a watering. Like all species with a bulbous appearance, it will prefer to be grown in an inclined position, to limit the problems of stagnant water at the base of the leaves. If you prefer to cultivate your head up, turn it over for a few seconds to drain the excess water after each watering.
  • Fertilizer:This air plant can be fertilized with the moderate doses. 1 to 2 times a month in the summer and 1 time a month in the winter.
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Air Plant Tillandsia (Aerantos)
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