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B 9755 total ride performance system

B 9755 total ride performance system
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The top model of series 9000 wheel balancers has a 17’’ VGA monitor with operator guidance through pictorials and text in more than 20 languages. Help routines facilitate operation and give additional safety – at every single stage. Top priority has been given to simple and easy operation!

  • Patented Weight Clamp Device with integrated ejector incorporated into the gauge arm.
  • 3D automatic input of distance, width and diameter
  • Stadium style weight tray
  • Virtual Plane balancing system (VPI)
  • Aluminium modes with automatic weight location system
  • Split Weight Mode
  • Automatic brake after the measuring run
  • Automatic indexing into correction plane after measuring run
  • Spindle lock via foot brake pedal
  • Gauge arm with weight holder
  • 6 alu modes
  • Tyre matching, spoke and hidden weight mode
  • Static, dynamic, PAX and motorcycle mode
  • Monitor VGA 17”
  • Self calibration.
  • Set of 3 cones, quick nut with drum, stub shaft 40 mm diameter, wheel guard.

Power supply: 230 Volts, single phase / 50 / 60 Hz
Range of diameter centering cone: 3 cones: 43–116 mm
Length of shaft: 190 mm
Diameter of shaft: 40 mm
Measuring speed: 200 rpm
Balancing accuracy: 1g
Scanner accuracy: 0.1 mm
Rim width (dynamic balancing): 3 - 20”
Rim diameter: 8 - 30”
Max. wheel width: 530 mm
Max. wheel diameter: 1117 mm
Max. wheel weight: 75 kg
Kind of data entry for DISTANCE: Automatic, non-touch
Kind of data entry for DIAMETER: Automatic, non-touch
Kind of data entry for WIDTH: Automatic, non-touch
Dimensions H x W x D (Machine only wheel hood open): 1625 mm x 1625 mm x 1625 mm
Weight: 250 kg
© 2005 Snap-on Incorporated. John Bean is a trademark of Snap-on Incorporated. All Rights Reserved. Cod.: 9602 107 · 02/2006
France: Snap-
Power Supply 220 - 240V, 1 Ph, 50/60 Hz
Display LED, normal read-out, left & right, parameter indicators
Centering Cones Diameter Range 3 cones, 48 - 128 mm
Shaft Diameter 40 mm
Motor 220W, Belt-driven, Controlled Constant speed
Accuracy 3g
Measuring Speed 200 rpm
Measuring Time 6 - 10 s
Rim Width (Dynamic Balancing) 1 - 16” (3 - 16”)
Maximum Wheel Width 500 mm
Rim Diameter 12 - 22”
Maximum Wheel Diameter 1,016 mm (880 mm with wheel guard)
Balancing Mode Dynamic, Static, 5 ALU Modes
Data Entry Manual
Maximum Wheel Weight 65 kg

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