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[TAITRA] 《COOKPOWER》#316 Thermal Food Jar + Thermos Flask (Green + Pinkish Green) EO-SVP3654GSVC3645G

[TAITRA] 《COOKPOWER》#316 Thermal Food Jar + Thermos Flask (Green + Pinkish Green) EO-SVP3654GSVC3645G
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◎ 超真空構造,燜煮食物方便省能源 ◎ #316不鏽鋼材質,衛生又健康 ◎ 大廣口設計,食材、冰塊輕鬆放入 ◎ 可拆卸上蓋,好清潔不易殘留污垢
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Main Product Name: treasure pot - ultra-high vacuum stew pot roast (Green) Model: SVP-3654G Material: lining - # 316 grade stainless steel; cans - # 304 senior stainless Gang; cover - resistant PP (polypropylene Heat 120 ?J) full of water capacity: about 540c.c. ?? 5% Insulation capacity: approximately 490c.c. ?? 5% Weight: about 340g ?? 5% diameter: about 7 cm Production: China Shelf life: not used before can be permanently stored Gift Product: pot treasure - ultra-high vacuum mug (light green) Model: SVC-3645G Material: Cup - # 316; cup body -X5CrNi18-10.CNS304; cover - resistant PP (polypropylene Heat 120 ?J.) Capacity : about 450c.c. ?? 5% Weight: about 305g Origin: China

主商品 品名:鍋寶-超真空燜燒罐 (綠) 型號:SVP-3654G 材質:內層-#316高級不鏽鋼;罐身-#304高級不鏽綱;上蓋-耐熱PP(聚丙烯.耐熱120℃) 滿水容量:約540c.c.±5% 保溫容量:約490c.c.±5% 重量:約340g±5% 口徑:約7公分 生產地:中國 保存期限:未使用前可永久保存 贈品 品名:鍋寶-超真空保溫杯 (粉綠) 型號:SVC-3645G 材質:杯內-#316不鏽鋼;杯身-X5CrNi18-10.CNS304;上蓋-耐熱PP(聚丙烯.耐熱120℃) 容量:約450c.c.±5% 重量:約305g 產地:中國
[TAITRA] 《COOKPOWER》#316 Thermal Food Jar + Thermos Flask (Green + Pinkish Green) EO-SVP3654GSVC3645G
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