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[Ready Stock] Early Pregnancy Test (UPT)

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HCG Pregnancy Test Strips:
Human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG), a glycoprotein hormone secreted by viable placental tissue during pregnancy. The appearance of hCG in urine soon after conception and its rapid rise in concentration makes it an ideal marker for the early detection and confirmation of pregnancy.
1) Although urine specimens from any time of day can be used, first morning urine specimens are preferred as they contain the highest concentration of HCG.
2) Urine specimens must be collected in clean, dry containers. Ensure that the quantity of the specimen collected is sufficient to submerge the dip region of the test strip.
3) Immerse the strip into the urine after a minimum of 15 seconds and lay it flatly on a non-absorptive, clean surface, Read the result in 5 minutes.

Test Strips
Urine cups(Same quantity as strip)

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[Ready Stock] Early Pregnancy Test (UPT)
[Ready Stock] Early Pregnancy Test (UPT)
[Ready Stock] Early Pregnancy Test (UPT)
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