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[MPLUS] Joyamaze Hartwell 11.5Gm X 30S

[MPLUS] Joyamaze Hartwell 11.5Gm X 30S
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A complete, wholesome meal can be a luxury sometimes, especially if you are a career individual who has to resort to eating out most of your time. Most often you're lacking on fibre but, with such a rushed schedule, you hardly have the time to blend your own fruit and vege smoothie. A lifestyle without proper exercise would aggravate your body's conditions even further.

Supplementing your daily diet with fibre doesn't have to be bland affair. Satisfy your body needs of natural fibre withJoyAmaze Hartwll, the first Beta Glucan juice in Malaysia. This refreshing, versatile and luscious fibre-rich juice in powdered form is easy to be taken anywhere, including to your favourite caf.

JoyAmaze Hartwlla naturally vibrant amber-coloured juice is made with a spectrum of 10 premium selected colourful fruit and vegetables such as beet-root, hawthorn berry, tomato, carrot, lemon and mixed berries that will definitely brighten your taste buds. This easy-to-prepare juice is teeming with various types of fibre, and together with daily diet low in saturated fat, can bring back the joyful bounce in your steps and brighten up your health* too.


JoyAmaze Hartwllcan be consumed at anytime, anywhere even with a meal or as a snack. Oh, didnt we say it is versatile too? You can useJoyAmaze Hartwllto prepare varieties of beverages and simple meals ice blended, smoothie, lassi drink, frozen yogurt, sorbet, cold soup... the list is endless.

  • Each sachet contains fibre from 10 varieties of fruit and vegetable that is high in soluble and non-soluble dietary fibre.
  • Each sachet contains prebiotics and is low in added sugar.
  • JoyAmaze Hartwll is dairy free, gluten free and is non-laxative.
  • JoyAmaze recommends you to consume 2 sachets per day to help you meet daily requirement intake of dietary fibre. Diet high in fibre is vital to;
    • Regulate bowel movement
    • Maintain good digestive systems
    • Lower the risk of diabetes
    • Lower the risk of colorectal cancer
    • Reduce cholesterol
    • Lower the risk of coronary heart diseases
    • Manage healthy weight and prevent obesity

*Individual results may vary.

Precaution:Some individuals may experience bloating. Reduce the intake ofJoyAmaze Hartwllto half a sachet a day. Gradually increase the intake once your body adapts to the presence of fibre in your daily diet.


  • Pour 150ml of lukewarm or room temperature water. Add a sachet ofJoyAmaze Hartwll. Stir or shake well. Or,
  • Pour 200ml of lukewarm or room temperature water. Add 2 sachets ofJoyAmaze Hartwll. Stir or shake well.
[MPLUS] Joyamaze Hartwell 11.5Gm X 30S
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