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[LOHAS] The Sea Seaweed 海太郎海带芽 80g

[LOHAS] The Sea Seaweed 海太郎海带芽 80g
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Product Information

Origin: Imported

Expiry Date: Between 9 to 15 months

Product name/產品名字:Sea Seaweed 海太郎海带芽
Brand 牌子:Lohas
Ingredient/成份: Seaweed
Net weight/內容量:80g

Application/用途:Can make cold dishes, with soups, noodles, etc.
Country of Origin/產地:Taiwan
Precautions/注意事項:Store in cool dry place/請放置陰涼處
Calories 卡路里(per每100g):5
Glycemic Index (GI)/ 升糖指数:0


Product introduction/产品介绍:
Kelp, is a large marine brown algae growing in low-temperature seawater, is an edible seaweed, can be applied to mixing, burning, stew, stew and other cooking methods. The kelp is a food of high nutritional value. Contains 3%-10% of iodine and other minerals. Kelp contains low heat, medium protein content, rich minerals, dietary fiber, inorganic salt, carotene, calcium, iron and vitamin B1.

Nutritional value /营养价值:
1. Slimming effect: The kelp is also rich in soluble fiber, more easily digestible and absorbed than the general fiber, to help the body smooth defecation. And we can use the kelp as a late night or a snack, because the kelp will not gain weight.
2. 2. Hairdressing Effect: In addition to the kelp contains iodine, calcium, sulfur, but also contains iron, sodium, magnesium, potassium, cobalt, phosphorus, mannitol and vitamin B1, B2, C and other substances. These nutrients are of great benefit to hairdressing. Therefore, often eat kelp, hair growth, moisturizing, black, bright have a special effect.
3. Delay aging: Kelp rich in calcium and iodine elements, to help the synthesis of thyroxine, these two elements together, not only beauty, but also to delay the role of aging.
4. Gastrointestinal "Scavenger": the kelp is rich in cellulose, can remove the waste and toxins in the gut in time, therefore, can effectively prevent the occurrence of rectal cancer and constipation.
1. 瘦身功效:海带中还富含可溶性纤维,比一般纤维更容易消化吸收,帮助身体顺畅排便。而且我们可以把海带作为宵夜或点心,因为海带不会长胖。
2. 美发作用:海带中除含有碘、钙、硫之外,还含有铁、钠、镁、钾、钴、磷、甘露醇和维生素B1、B2、C等多种物质。这些营养物对美发皆大有裨益。因此,常吃海带,对头发的生长、润泽、乌黑、光亮都具有特殊的功效。
3. 延缓衰老:海带富含钙元素与碘元素,有助于甲状腺素合成,这两种元素搭配,不仅能美容,还有延缓衰老的作用。
4. 肠胃“清道夫”:海带中含有丰富的纤维素,能够及时地清除肠道内废物和毒素,因此,可以有效地防止直肠癌和便秘的发生。

Suitable for people/适宜人群:
Are edible in the general population.

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[LOHAS] The Sea Seaweed 海太郎海带芽 80g
[LOHAS] The Sea Seaweed 海太郎海带芽 80g
[LOHAS] The Sea Seaweed 海太郎海带芽 80g
[LOHAS] The Sea Seaweed 海太郎海带芽 80g
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