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[LOHAS] Organic Wheat Berry 有机小麦粒 500g

[LOHAS] Organic Wheat Berry 有机小麦粒 500g
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Product Information

Origin: Imported

Expiry Date: Between 9 to 15 months

Certifications: Organic Certified

Flavor: Coconut

Product name/產品名字:LOHAS Organic Wheat Berry 有机小麦粒 500g
Brand 牌子:LOHAS
Ingredient/成份: Wheat Berry小麦粒
Net weight/內容量:500g

Application/用途:制作甜汤,制作回春水,制作面包,制作甜点,种植小麦草Make sweet soup, make spring water, make bread, make desserts, grow wheat grass
Country of Origin/產地:India
Precautions/注意事項:Store in cool dry place/請放置陰涼處
Calories 卡路里(per每100g):163
Glycemic Index (GI)/ 升糖指数:35


Product introduction/产品介绍:
Caryopsis of wheat is one of the staple foods of human beings. After grinding into flour, it can be used to make bread, buns, biscuits, noodles and other foods. Wheat germ is also rich in dietary fiber and vitamin E. Eating whole wheat can reduce the content of estrogen in the blood circulation, thereby achieving the purpose of preventing and treating breast cancer.

benefit /益处:
-Rich Vitamin B group
-Rich Vitamin E
-Promote digestive system
-Can promote appetite

Suitable for people/适宜人群:
The average person can eat it, and both the elderly and the child can eat it.

Attention / 注意 :
because the transportation path is far away, it will inevitably cause collisions and cause damage to the product, but it will not affect the quality of the product, please use it with peace of mind . Thanks for your understanding .
[LOHAS] Organic Wheat Berry 有机小麦粒 500g
[LOHAS] Organic Wheat Berry 有机小麦粒 500g
[LOHAS] Organic Wheat Berry 有机小麦粒 500g
[LOHAS] Organic Wheat Berry 有机小麦粒 500g
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