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[149] HGUC 1/144 YAMS-132 Rozen Zulu

[149] HGUC 1/144 YAMS-132 Rozen Zulu
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Product Information

Price in YEN: 2800
Scale: 1/144
Release Date: Dec., 2012

- Accessories: × 2 three twin mega particle cannon, InComm mega particle cannon for extension × 6 (unfolded state), InComm mega particle cannon for extension × 6 (state storage), shield, jammer Psycho × 6, Leads InComm × 4, × 4 pedestal for InComm.

According to wikipedia

The YAMS-132 Rozen Zulu(YAMS-132) is a mobile suit featured in Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn. The unit is piloted by Angelo Sauper.

The Rozen Zulu is based on the concept of the experimental Newtype mobile suit AMX-103 Hamma Hamma and was designed as an Anti-Psycommu warfare mobile suit. The Rozen Zulu is actually a heavily modified AMS-129 Geara Zulu using spare parts of the MSN-06S Sinanju. Similar to the Hamma Hamma, both of the Rozen Zulu's arms are wire-guided weapons that are an INCOM, by which the claws of the mobile suit may have the possibility of being used as a melee weapon, the claws come integrated with a mega beam cannon. It also has new petal-shaped remote control terminal devices built-in, the "Psycho Jammer", which disrupts the connection and function of enemy Psycommu-guided weapons. Due to overall improvement of technology, as well as the enhanced psycho-frame, the pilot can use the suit's beam gun-mount claw arm more effectively than previous test suits of the same system. For defensive purposes, it carries a shield which has three built in mega particle cannons.


  • INCOM Claw - These are the main weaponry of the Rozen Zulu, each equipped with a pair of mega beam cannons of adjustable output. Each of these "claws" are wire-guided and controlled by the quasi-psycommu system.
  • Mega Beam Shield - The Rozen Zulu could be equipped with an optional shield to increase it defense. However unlike most other shields the Rozen Zulu's mounts an independent power generator which is used to power the shield's beam cannon.
  • Psycho Jammer - A unique feature of the Rozen Zulu which disrupts the connection and function of enemy Psycommu-guided weapons. They are stored in the back containers and resemble rose buds that can expand to jam psycommu waves. They function similarly to bits/funnels, except they are not equipped with offensive weaponry. However, they can generate an octahedral Psycho-Field around enemy units for capture/jamming purposes much like the Nu Gundam's Fin Funnel Barrier. It was particularly effective against the RX-0 Unicorn Gundam, a full-psycho-frame machine, and was used to inhibit the activation of its NT-D System.
  • Quasi-Psycommu System - To more effectively control the INCOM Claws, the Rozen Zulu utilizes a Quasi-Psycommu System, which utilizes a mix of remote-control and computer-guidance systems to help remote weapons act like they're controlled by an actual Psycommu System.
[149] HGUC 1/144 YAMS-132 Rozen Zulu
[149] HGUC 1/144 YAMS-132 Rozen Zulu
[149] HGUC 1/144 YAMS-132 Rozen Zulu
[149] HGUC 1/144 YAMS-132 Rozen Zulu
[149] HGUC 1/144 YAMS-132 Rozen Zulu
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