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3D Cross Stitch (CS 45002)

3D Cross Stitch (CS 45002)
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CS 45002
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Product Information

3D Cross Stitch (CS 45002)


  • Weight: 200g
  • Length: (143cm x 74cm)

How To Use:

  • Step 1: Figure
    Each picture are indicated on the edge of the cloth Stitching position, so His symbols are Stitch with color for parts, the remaining parts of The system does not require high-definition Stitching. Stitched parts of the ink does not fade, Color section will cover Stitching finish off (ink natural extract, Textile and clothing with similar fuel)
  • Second Step: Stitch
    Stitch: Stitch position as little figure, Stitching painting on the reverse side before Stitch a good location, and so the whole images Stitch number, and then from the opposite faces the Stitch facing the front surface from the reaction: as much Stitch location map, produced Goods which have been put back Stitch drawings.
  • The 3 Step: Embroidery Thread
    Embroidery Thread: Thread the needle with two strands, the line on the embroidery photorefractive four strands Tails knot, and then hand back and forth to straighten silk, embroidered slightly when the line, Some slightly taut better. lamination may be appropriate to cover part of Edge, so that the whole picture more beautiful Founder

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