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(this girl)Advanced Folding Eyebrow Razor K2389 this girl

(this girl)Advanced Folding Eyebrow Razor K2389 this girl
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★品質穩定 ★安全鋒利 ★隨心所欲修整眉型
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Product Information
this girl 高級摺疊修眉刀K2389

Purpose: narrow blade designed for shaving the face minor part of the hair, the light is not easy tired hands. Usage: Please remover skin after washing face, spread on the area in Soke want to shave lotion or soap suds, then Xiumei Dao reverse direction to shave the hair root, you want to repair the eyebrow. Notes: 1. The sharp blade, please put as for a child is not easy to get at, to avoid danger. 2. Keep away from fire, heat, moisture. 3. If the blade Do not use deformed or damaged and replace. Specifications: 1 into the material: plastic, safety blade Storage: After use rinse after drying blade set back jacket storage, in order to avoid accidental injury. Shelf life: 5 annual production: Taiwan Date of manufacture: As shown in the packaging



用途:窄幅刀刃設計適用臉上細微部分毛髮之剃除,質輕好用不累手。 使用方法:請先卸妝洗淨臉上肌膚後,在欲剃除雜毛部位塗抹乳液或肥皂泡沫,再以修眉刀逆向毛根方向剃除,修出您想要的眉型。 注意事項:1.刀片鋒利,請放至於孩童不易取得處,以免發生危險。2.請遠離火源、高溫、潮濕處。 3.刀片如有變形或破損請勿使用並更換。 規格:1入 材質:塑膠、安全刀片 保存方法:使用後將刀刃沖洗乾淨拭乾後套回護套存放,以免誤傷。 保存期限:5年 產地:台灣 製造日期:如外包裝所示
(this girl)Advanced Folding Eyebrow Razor K2389 this girl
(this girl)Advanced Folding Eyebrow Razor K2389 this girl
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