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(PS4) Bloodborne (R3/ENG/CHN)

(PS4) Bloodborne (R3/ENG/CHN)
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Sony Computer Entertainment
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Face your fears in this dangerous new world, where danger, death and madness lurk around every corner.

ReleaseDate: 24 March 2015
Audio: English
Subtitle: English, Chinese
Genre: Action RPG
Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
Developer: FromSoftware, Inc.


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1 x (PS4) Bloodborne (R3/ENG/CHN)

Game Overview

Regain System

In Yharnam, the best defense is a solid, strategic offense. When you take damage from enemies, counter-attack the enemy within a certain period of time to regain some of your lost HP. The damage taken initially turns orange, indicating you can earn it back if you are quick enough. Hesitate too long and youll lose that health for good. With a stroonger focus on offense and pro-active combat, battles become more pitched, thrilling and rewarding.

Online Details


These small creatures have crept out of a nightmare, and while they may not look too friendly, they accompany hunters, follow their orders, and take care of messages left for others.

Co-Op Battles

Some of the dangers lurking within Yharnam are better faced with another Hunter or two by your side, but even then, victory is not guaranteed.

Chalice Dungeons

Underneath Yharnam there is a vast underground ruins spread wide and deep across multiple floors. Horrifying and ancient, it appears to have been created by something not quite human. Its at once both a graveyard, and a place of slumber. Whats more, these ruins change their appearance for each visitor. The seal to these underground ruins can be broken by conducting a special ritual using a holy chalice. Every time the ritual is performed, the dungeons structure changes. This is what the Chalice Dungeon feature is all about; delivering a constant stream of content to explore and conquer alone or with fellow Hunters, and the freedom to share these dungeons with friends and the world.

Dungeon Features


Both a grave and a place of slumber, these dungeons are not a place where visitors are welcomed. Those who venture here quickly find this out thanks to the many fatal traps hidden throughout the tunnels and halls, such as these guillotine blades covered in the blood of unsuspecting Hunters.

Architectural Variety

The sheer size and adaptibility of the Chalice Dungeons are what makes them so alluring to hunters - that and the promise of treasure and newfound challenge. Not limited to simple rooms or hallways, Dungeons can contain murky swamps, narrow rocky corridors, or even grand, ornate halls teeming with rich detail.

Create and Download New Challenges

The Chalice Dungeon feature includes both standard dungeons as well as procedurally-generated dungeons. Both types of dungeons can be played offline or online with other players, but generating new dungeons requires connecting the game online once to download required data. You can also publish your Chalice Dungeons online to share with other players, and download dungeons created by other Bloodborne players.

Dungeon Threats


Some say these ruins are the tombs of inhuman creatures, and some say they are more a place of slumber. Protectors roam the depths, keeping guard over the quiet. Born in the depths and living off of blood and rotting flesh, they are cold and damp, with bluish-white skin that has never been touched by sunlight, and devolved eyes that are pitch black and sunk deep into their sockets.

Ritual Masters

Whether the ruins are tombs or a mere resting place for something dark and foul, or both, one thing is true: Someone or something lies asleep here. The Protectors also worship what lies beneath, and among the Protectors are a special class of ritual masters that carry out horrific and detestable ritual rites.

Ancient Guard Dog

This gigantic guard dog watches over the underground ruins. Covered in a petrified body hard as stone, clad in a rich cloud of flames, and left directly by the inhuman inhabitants slumbering in the ruins, these special guards are said to be enveloped in these dense flames in order to better carry out their duties through the ages.
(PS4) Bloodborne (R3/ENG/CHN)
(PS4) Bloodborne (R3/ENG/CHN)
(PS4) Bloodborne (R3/ENG/CHN)
(PS4) Bloodborne (R3/ENG/CHN)
(PS4) Bloodborne (R3/ENG/CHN)
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