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(Medimix)Medimix] [Royal Queen White Lucent fragrant soap (10 in)

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★網購最受歡迎 手工皂★ 市售的沐浴乳太多成份都太複雜~ 清潔成份越單純對肌膚越無負擔 印度美肌皂採用最古法冷壓製成 草本精華配方,讓我們健康又安心 手工皂的香氣濃郁好聞 放在浴室還能同時芳香 洗髮、沐浴、洗臉都靠它 洗
Product Information
【Medimix】皇室御用香白美肌皂 125g(橘色皂*10入)

‧ The compositions containing: Medimix Royal Queen White Lucent fragrant orange soap soap 125g- * 10 ‧ Origin: India imported ‧ save life / Storage: 24 months / Please keep in a cool place away from direct sunlight ‧ Product features: 1 . Delicate detergent, free of artificial colors and flavors and flavor ingredients 2. pure glycerin and from all-natural herbal extracts, the residue washed not follow the traditional manufacturing workers 3. 4. France and India hardness enough to use a little bit, it will have many creamy and soft foam-like, very unique ayuveda 5. washable formula, fresh and natural scent of skin 6. contain stimulating ingredients, provides skin fresh and comfortable feeling comfortable to use ‧ Description: 1 or 2 times, the essence of the soap evenly to want to clean the skin, lather and gently massage, stay on the skin for 3-5 minutes, then rinse with water, it is recommended to take a bath, wash and shampoo can be applied. ‧ Note: 1. gets in your eyes, rinse with water immediately. 2. If abnormal when a child is not easy to put out of reach of 3. Please be suspended immediately and consult professionals 4. Make a cool place away from direct sunlight Wei Guang Zi cosmetics unit No. 10,410,050

‧本組合含: Medimix皇室御用香白美肌皂125g-橘色皂*10顆 ‧產地:印度原裝進口 ‧保存年限/保存方式:36個月/請置於陰涼處避免陽光直射 ‧商品特性: 1.溫和的清潔力,不含人工色素和香精 2.成份和香味來自純淨的甘油及全草本萃取,洗後不殘留 3.遵循印度傳統工法製造 4.硬度夠,使用一點點,就會產生許多乳狀般柔細泡沫,很耐洗 5.獨特的ayuveda配方,清新自然的天然香味 6.提供肌膚清爽、舒適的舒服感覺 ‧使用方法說明: 每日1~2次,將精萃皂均勻塗抹於欲清潔之肌膚,搓揉起泡並輕柔按摩,在皮膚上停留3-5分鐘,再以清水洗淨即可,建議洗澡、洗臉及洗頭均可適用。 ‧注意事項: 1.不慎誤入眼睛,請立即以清水沖洗。 2.請置於孩童不易拿取之處 3.使用時若有異狀請暫停使用,並立即洽詢專業人員 4.請置於陰涼處避免陽光直射 衛部粧廣字第10410050號
館長小提醒: 1.使用後若有不適等狀況,請停止使用並請教專業醫生。 2.請勿將產品放在陽光曝曬的地方以免產品變質。 3.圖片顏色因電腦顯色或個人觀感不同而略有差異,敬請以實際商品顏色為準。 4.對於商品有任何疑問,請先不要拆封,請盡速向客服反應,以免影響您辦退的權益,也可能依照損毀程度扣除為回復原狀所必要的費用。
(Medimix)Medimix] [Royal Queen White Lucent fragrant soap (10 in)
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