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(LOVEWORLD)LOVE WORLD LW Cross larger standard silicone pacifiers (transparent)

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Product Information
?? Product name: Love in the world LOVEWORLD cross into the larger standard silicone nipple 3 - Made in Taiwan - ?? Product Features: 1, adopt strict natural liquid silicone is made of ammonia nitrite-free, non-toxic, flexible, in line with the US Food and Drug Inspection Administration (FDA) food safety standards and material made. 2, experts designed the original holes, in line with the principle of automatic compression of pores, with four guide lines and cross openings without sucking the teat will show a closed state, it will automatically show "Star" type when breast opened, so baby suck freely, no distortion, no penetration. ?? Application: Standard Phillips children, suitable for 6 months or more ?? Product Material: Silicone (silicone) / temperature 120 ?J ?? Note: * Before first use and after each use, sterilize in boiling water 3 ~ 5 minutes. * Always review feeding supplies, found corrupted, broken or deformed yellow case, discard immediately replace the new products. * Please put dry pacifier and a covered container, avoid direct sun set, use them and do not let the baby alone. ?? Origin: Taiwan

※商品名稱:愛的世界 LOVEWORLD十字較大標準矽膠奶嘴-台灣製- ※商品特色: 1、採天然液態矽膠嚴格製成,不含亞硝氨,無毒,富彈性,符合美國食品藥物檢驗局(F.D.A)食品及安全標準材質製成。 2、專家精心設計獨創透氣孔,符合自動加壓的氣孔原理,配合四條導流線及十字開口,不吸奶時奶嘴會呈現封閉狀態,吸奶時會自動呈現"星"型開起,讓寶寶吸吮自如,不變形,不滲透。 ※適用說明:標準十字孔幼兒型,適合6個月以上 ※商品材質:Silicone(矽膠)/耐溫120℃ ※注意事項: *第一次使用前及每次使用後,請在沸水中消毒3~5分鐘。 *請經常檢視哺育用品,發現壞損、破裂或發黃變形情形,請立即丟棄更換新品。 *奶嘴請置於乾爽和有蓋容器內,避免陽光直設,且勿讓寶寶獨自使用。 ※產地:台灣
(LOVEWORLD)LOVE WORLD LW Cross larger standard silicone pacifiers (transparent)
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